Frozen Heart Sleeps Soundly

Good food isn’t one when
Mood isn’t. Mood overrides nuance.
Wake up, Frozen Heart!


I was excited to go to office today —only today. It becomes such a luxury in this situation. Aside from meeting colleagues who happened to be not around, enjoying the food in our office cafe is one of activities much missed for the past one year.

Lunch time came and the decision was on this Western Daily Special. Why not picking original favourite the mixed vegetables? I thought I was bored of consuming vegetables in home cooking.

Yet, I found the special wasn’t as expected…. Didn’t finish it. Let’s fault-find: plain, plain, plain, too big a portion, blahblahblah…. 😕

Then I just realised that it was simply because of a failure building the mood. If someone is in good mood, one must have eaten any portion up with no complaint.

Mood drives many things. Just because of losing the mood, walking home was cancelled. Oh, rubbish talk! Lazy bone!

Too many excuses today! If the bad mood lingers, all colours will be greyed up.

Educate yourself! 😁

Special! Ahem!
Specially jumbo!
Complaining food isn’t this person’s norm. When it’s complained, it incredibly….. The coconut water is the exception, and separately paid.

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