Climbing Vines

A tree, Beloved
Dies of climbing harmful vines.
Pull them to revive.


Pull away gently the harmful vines that climb a tree in a garden to stop them from growing too wildly and finally leave the tree breathless and lack of sun then die slowly….

Knowing which vines are harmful is the first step.

So excited about next year to plant a tree in the home base’s tiny garden. Thanks to a good friend in Ubud who is willing to graft her arum ndalu tree for me.

Dear Pandemic, be mild and friendly. Don’t you know I want to see my home for just one weekend. Please…. 🤕

This homesickness feels like vines that climb a strong tree.

Dear, Self. Pull them away gently….

May all beings be happy.

can’t even identify what tree it is

Useful link from which the photo is borrowed and some additional knowledge about tree and vines: