An Artist

This life, Beloved,
Not a race. It’s exercise
To be an artist.


To be an artist is about knowing what one is doing and how one is doing it. When all knowledge, skills, experiences are naturally moulded into the muscles of subconsciousness through long flight hours; someone is able to navigate one’s work without reading manual. Everything one does is work of art. All is done gracefully with professional, scientific intuition.

Milestones of successes and celebration are good motivation; yet piles of failures and correction are often time the most powerful chisels in shaping the smoothest sculpture.

I think Robert Burns’ short poem that was introduced by an old lecturer in Poetry class years ago still relates to what I’m doing until now: knowing and painting the angels AND devils of my own self.

If I die, I want to die an artist. Artist of my own life—

May all artists be happy. 🙏🏼


lucky me, it’s somewhere online: