Never Give Up

Don’t stop, Beloved
Before a full stop. Milestones
Aren’t end of game.


The father in law of a friend of mine is heavily sick in his 80’s. Never before she called me in that weak tone; not her normal tone. She’s been one of my great supporters especially in career. And I felt a hit of sadness —like when my father was diagnosed with cancer—when she said that his father in law is in a very critical condition. She took some days of personal leave and she might be working in the hospital to observe his progress more closely.

I said to her that things are gonna be ok whatever the end is.

She didn’t say anything. But at the end of the call she said that she’s doing her very best and will not give up until the final turn out to an end.

Life is a journey with lines of milestones to be celebrated, to be commemorated, to be reckoned and she is doing one of them now.

May all beings be happy.