Ant Nest

Ant nest hills up high
A place for a colony
To devote in life


Ants are amazing creature. All about them are just amazing! The way they distribute the work. The way they do their jobs. The way they live in a community. The way they treat fellow and leaders (obviously the queens). The way they collect their food. The way they kill their preys, etc, etc just the way ants are.

To survive ants must live in a colony that can be inside trees or underground. In the colony that they respect and protect they devote their life with extraordinary loyalty. Loyal to their queens. Loyal to their fellow ants. Loyal to their responsibility—

Ants might be small but they amazingly are able to carry something of 10 to 50 times their own body weight!

Ants can swim! I can’t understand why my mom would put a bowl of sweet in a plate filled with water; she said ants wouldn’t reach the sweet because they couldn’t cross the water. Ibuuuuu! Ants swim. Maybe better than us 😂

Ants are slave makers! This is very new to me! Excerpted article (

This may sound strange but hear us out. Some species of ant, such as the Polyergus lucidus are known as slave-making ants. They invade neighboring ant colonies, capturing its inhabitants and forcing them to work for them. This process is known as ‘slave raiding’.

Slave-making ants are specialized to parasite a single species or a group of related species which are often close relatives to them. The captured ants will work as if they were in their own colony, while the slave-making workers will only concentrate on replenishing their labor force.

Slave-making ants come in two formats: permanent social parasites and facultative slave-makers. Permanent social parasites rely on the enslaved ants throughout their lives whilst facultative slave-makers do not.

Which ants are you? Regardless, I built an ant nest for all of you 😁

the “ant nest cake” aka “bolu sarang semut” in Bahasa Indonesia is named after its texture that looks like ant nest structure. It tastes heaven! 🥰
look at the tunnels and chambers in the ant nest! not bad for a beginner 😁
hot brown ring of first “sarang semut” of mine
put the wok lid when the bubbles intensify
I found that we can replace oven with a wok! Magic? No! Just a technicality 😁
caramelizing the sugar, hot as hell!!!