Don’t Kill Your Dreams

A dream, Beloved,
Is roots absorbing nutrient
In any seasons.


Teak wood tree will shake all her leaves to fall off in dry season and look like standing death log in order to save her energy in managing her metabolism. It happens until the first rain pours down again. Young leaves will come out. The forest will come alive again. Annually!

That’s what I learn from my childhood living in a district where teak wood forest was rich and well protected.

If I were a tree, I would dance and sing in its root in the spring, summer and autumn before dozing off in the winter.

That’s what I learn about having dreams in life.

Thank you! for everything


my dream is much simpler than his (I don’t even dream of visiting NY/USA, the only place I’m willing to visit is my office) but he is one of those inspiring me! he is mediocre (he said) just like me (I said) but given so much by life❣️