Gemstones, Beloved,
Beautiful, shiny, precious—
Mind! You’re still a stone.

When you integrate, you at the same time disintegrate. Imagine what happens before a gemstone sits on a ring: a tumble stone, cut, polished, separated from dirt and rock. Often time most part of the tumble is “wasted” for the sake of presenting a small carat of a bright semi precious or precious stone!

What gemstone are you? You might be a diamond in progress. Don’t tell, let the true eyes see the true you. Sheer beauty! Don’t take so long except you are willing to be a hidden treasure of the universe. Whatever your choice is – be true to yourself.

I want to be a diamond but I am not and so I will never be.

I am though grateful to have been created a less pricy one – it is precious to be given time to be what I am. Not more, not less, just right. I know and I accept it. 💝

Thank you, Beloved.

sapphire 💝
agate ❣️
labradorite 🦋
un-polished ruby 💕