Peaceful, Beloved,
Sitting remembering you
In this sweet silence—

Sometimes just don’t get it why Japanese is like that but now accepting it as it is a culture with which a nation is built and shaped based on nature and history; like a Korean being a Korean, a Javanese being a Javanese, an English being an English, a Vietnamese being a Vietnamese, etc. As long as it doesn’t disturb loyalty and integrity, it’s ok. 🥰

Komoro, Japan: it was my first time seeing things were for sale but no seller was present, buyers just put the money in an open box for what was taken; in my country some people would probably take more than what they pay 🤓
it looks not so pretty, but trust me these roses were super duper sweetly fragrant! missing Komoro but I know I will only go there next year – the most “ulu-ulu” place I visited in Japan 😍