What are you, my love?
Keris, scissors, needle, knife?
Whichever, be sharp.

One young scholar once said “Let the old self of yours die, live as a renewed self every day and you will fall in love with yourself not because you feel more beautiful or better but because you know you are more and more authentic.”

Thank you!

keris luk 9 – in Javanese wisdom number 9 is spiritually associated with 9 doors of senses and desires in human being’s body (two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, mouth, genitalia and rectum) that should be cared for whatever is fed in and discharged; in this wisdom those succeeding to responsibly manage the 9 will be granted good life physically, mentally and spiritually – 👏🏼 this keris luk 9 is usually favoured and owned as a sacred symbol by traditional Javanese who wants to focus on keeping one’s 9 doors of senses/desires responsibly managed