Opening the door,
She finds books and thesaurus
Stacked high to the sky.

What else is this life mainly but library? Read your books! 💕

“Read your books” is excepted from one Quran verse “Read your records (the word kitabaka can also mean your books or your scrolls). You alone are sufficient this day to take account of yourself” that implies self observation, self evaluation, self assessment, self correction.

Ouch! An internal audit it is — becoming the auditor and the auditee: acting different roles in the same place using different points of view. Doable and sustainable! 😍

May all beings be happy.

library in Seoul! my colleague said it is located in the same area with our office – I’m ready to go! 😁
sent by a colleague this afternoon; ok then, I’m ready to be assigned there 🤤 – Korea was never in my bucket list but this beautiful place has confirmed it now is! 😍