Dark night starts early
In fall when red leaves sway down
To earth cooling off.

pretty crimson leaves covering the earth somewhere (from Pinterest)

While normally talking about spirituality and self love, one day one bestie and I conversed about money. To me she appears much more calculating than all of us in the circle. She manages her money very carefully and (of course) influences her friends to do so.

“If we feel ready with both predictable and measured emergency issues, we can feel good in more time than not.” 100% agree!

She is one of two besties teaching us to save at least 12-month income for emergency, fully pay all the loan the soonest possible, stay liquid rather than fixed (assets), not lend any assets to anyone anymore even with one’s emergency reason. I stubbornly disagreed with last one.

And she said all should be done soon because 2023 seems gloomy.

I didn’t take her words until watching a bunch of YouTube videos about financial analysis and forecast by experts and practitioners for the past two years.

Not hoping the darkness happens but there is no harm to prepare the umbrella before it rains.

Please save us. Amen…