My Mother Said

My mother said
You were a cute baby
Even when crying.

My mother said
You were a beautiful toddler
Running around,
Bubbling all words.

My mother said
You were a cheerful girl
Cycling around
Climbing up trees
Playing drowning in the river.

My mother said
You were a beautiful woman
Arguing every ideas from me
Showing me your strong desires
Moving to where life brought us.

My mother said
You are an adult woman
Enjoying life differently from me
Giving me what you’ve promised to be
Loving what you love with no doubt
Living life with smiles and warm heart.

My mother said
I love you
I bless you
Wherever you are.
You’re loved
You’re blessed
However you are.

My mother called, we laughed a lot today. She said I laughed as I did when I was a baby. How happy I have been to be her daughter. Lots of hugs and kisses, Ibu.



RC Gorman’s Mother and Baby