A Few around d’Omah

If a photo album is a figure of speech, below is pars pro toto. Yet figure of speech accuracy is based on the writer’s level of expertise.

beautiful orchid adopted from Mount Merapi
the omah behind the orchid is one omah
herb type of plant, no label 😊
small river dividing one area and the other, flowing clean
every omah is a private area; facilities in one omah can only be used by the resident of the particular omah – if not booking that omah, we can’t enjoy the facilities
library at the lobby
“bajaj pasti berlalu” 😂 only Indonesian understands
disclaimer: beautiful voice of surrounding, only for those understanding tolerance
a plunge pool in the Omah Camat 💝 small pool to plunge when the head is hot 😊
living room in “Omah Camat” at night
wayang geber at the verandah of Omah Krisna
new entrance
the reception
for a friend 💝
for another friend 💝
for the other friend 💝