Manusia mengembarai langit
Manusia menyusuri cakrawala
Tidak untuk menguasainya
Melainkan untuk menguji dirinya
Apakah dia bertahan menjadi manusia,
Tidak untuk hebat kuasa atau perkasa
Melainkan untuk setia sebagai manusia.

(Emha Ainun Nadjib)

Good morning, Surabaya. You did a lot of moulding to this human being. Thank you!!! 💝

thank you 💝 for making me a human being; I won’t give up moulding this self to be loyal to being humane


Garden of the death
Where pray and wish are whispered
To eternity—

plaque of cemetery of kings of Mataram
gate to the bathing pool for women; women should at least take ablution before entering the graveyard complex
gate to the graveyard complex of kings of Mataram; visitor can only enter this enclosure by wearing Javanese apparel: kemben for female and surjan for male
as I didn’t want to wear kemben, I preferred not entering the graveyard complex and decided to take some pics (with my bag) under a tropical fruit tree called kepel aka Stelechocarpus burahol


Hello, dear friendship.
This ship is sailing smoothly,
Storms don’t ruin our cruise.

Four are (fake) backpackers. One is (true) camper. We all sail together in a ship called friendship.



a visit to a best friend’s youth center, this woman dedicates her life to accompany those needing support; the main house is for the classes, sitting room and kitchen; the front is a pendhopo for bigger discussion group plus tiny senthong for library
a visit to a best friend, a Javanese dancer cum lecturer, the wife of a late most well-known puppeteer in the country and the mother of a most sought-after teenage puppeteer in the island 💝 god bless her and family 💗 dear photographer, why do you always block me in group selfie? 🙃
Yuki after playing with my dress 😍 hey, you’ll meet a vet , you’d better watch out 😁

A Few around d’Omah

If a photo album is a figure of speech, below is pars pro toto. Yet figure of speech accuracy is based on the writer’s level of expertise.

beautiful orchid adopted from Mount Merapi
the omah behind the orchid is one omah
herb type of plant, no label 😊
small river dividing one area and the other, flowing clean
every omah is a private area; facilities in one omah can only be used by the resident of the particular omah – if not booking that omah, we can’t enjoy the facilities
library at the lobby
“bajaj pasti berlalu” 😂 only Indonesian understands
disclaimer: beautiful voice of surrounding, only for those understanding tolerance
a plunge pool in the Omah Camat 💝 small pool to plunge when the head is hot 😊
living room in “Omah Camat” at night
wayang geber at the verandah of Omah Krisna
new entrance
the reception
for a friend 💝
for another friend 💝
for the other friend 💝

Feel Good

Don’t let anything and anyone be a happiness snatcher even if they hurt you unintentionally or intentionally.

Feel good is successfully deciphering the codes in my life.

final hunt of interior doors and window done!
4 windows, 3 doors – not easy to find lovable ones in tact in high quality; thanks to an antique collector who is willing to let go off his collection to me 🙏🏼

A Cycle

About a nation
That’s almost collapsed and dead.
Life has a cycle.

Holiday is always a time to have a small discussion about trivial facts that grows to a more serious discussion about bigger things like a damaged bridge topic growing to a discussion about a nation that starts to collapse slowly and surely.

Nothing is forever. Even if you think you are better, smarter, swifter and richer; it will end either with your fall or your death whichever comes first. How cruel! No, that’s just a cycle.

a damaged bridge (a hot yet stupid discussion on the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta) – I love stupidity 😁