The Best Sushi

I said
I want to eat sushi.

Let’s go
She said.

We lend each other’s ears.
I like listening,
She likes to be listened.
What a perfect scene.

I’ll take the mushroom, you take the eggplant
She said.

I said
I prefer eggplants, that is nice.


Hahaha wasabi!
She laughed.

Anything to share?
She asked.

Said I.

She drove me home and hugged me good bye.
Her son said “See ya again!”

Then I walked the path home
To write stories of my own.
I regretted to share bad stories with anyone,
It made good food taste stale.

I won’t,
Until there’s the best sushi to offer.


iftar with a best friend yesterday — one of the best sushi in Singapore 😘