Time Flies

Time flies on a plane, 
Moves backwards leaving a home
To meet whom are missed.


Time to visit mother. Although I visit her every three months, a visit on Eid Mubarak is always the most special. It is when my brothers and sisters meet me and most of extended family members gather in our annual reunion.

It is exciting to have a full day chatting, laughing, remembering good memories, eating specialties cooked by the host, joking around and of course praying for our happiness and joy so we all can meet again the following year.

Thank you for another year.


pink orchid in Changi Airport before my flight

pink orchid left home β€” not merrier but fresher than the Changi’s πŸ₯°

yellowish white orchid left at home

it is gonna be broken white with purple β€” they are always happy although left home 😁

i guess it is gonna be yellow β€” they are always happy although left home 😁