The Humble Sweet

What a sweet mango!
What a sweet cake!
What a sweet memory!
What a sweet day!
What a sweet life!


Conversation continues

A: What is taste of life?

B: It is just like when you taste the food.

A: But why do you use the word sweetness? Why not bitterness?

B: Because I want to focus on things sweet.

A: So I can focus on the bitterness of life?

B: As you wish. Isn’t that what you are doing now? And so life is never light for you?

A: But life is truly bitter!

B: Without anything sweet? Even a slight sweetness?

A: There are times of sweetness but the concentration is very low.

B: Who decides the concentration?

A: Of course I do!

B: So why don’t you lower down the concentration of bitterness and add up the concentration of sweetness?

A: How?

B: Observe. Find the bitter. Find the sweet. Every moment you are alone. Send love to both the bitter and the sweet in you. Tell them you thank them.

A: That’s it?

B: For now.

this tiny choco nougat cake is blessed for my late father’s belated birthday — the sweet taste is for me today 😝