Red Carnation

She’s strong
She’s fragile
She’s tough
She’s soft
She’s wordy
She’s taciturn
She’s generous
She’s jealous
She’s protecting
She’s weakness
She’s missed
She’s avoided
She’s mature
She’s spoiled
She’s simple
She’s intricate
She’s narrow
She’s wide
She’s shallow
She’s deep
She’s wicked
She’s kind
She’s black
She’s white
She’s every angle of life
She’s my mother,
Red carnation in one beautiful afternoon.


Happy Mother’s Day, Ibu

I sent a message to my mother today to wish her happy mother’s day with a picture of red carnation attached.

Ibu: Thank you! Isn’t mother’s day Dec 22?

Me: Yes, in Indonesia. May 14 internationally.

Ibu: Nice! You send me another mother’s day wish again next Dec ya.

Me: No worry, it’s just a message. Easy! (then I called her as my fingers complained long messages)

Ibu: Not that easy, baby. Send me some tea and herbs, too.

Me: It doesn’t have to wait until Dec.

Ibu: Thank so much. Did you forget May 12 is Bapak’s birthday?

Me: Of course not! I just didn’t buy a cake, very busy wis some back to back agenda. I bought mango and still eat it until today.

Ibu: Although his body is not here, he is always with us. You pray for him right?

Me: Always, everyday I pray for him, my one and only father. I will buy a cake tomorrow.

Ibu: Ok, small one is good enough.


carnation is about mother