Weekend Full of Heart

Every weekend
This heart multiplies.
They wander
Through music, pictures, poems and prayers
Sending peace
And love
That might not be
What a sweet weekend!


although you’ve targeted me with uncertainty, (pic: Banksy’s)

although you prefer war (pic: Banksy’s)

although you ignorantly hijack the love, (pic: Banksy’s)

sweet heart is still what you deserve,

no missile but beautiful heart should be sent to you (pic: Banksy’s)

freshened and showered with warm heart is your right

at the end a bunch of flowers will be thrown to you (pic: Banksy’s)

hahahaha…. i am always laughed by my best friends for constantly being “love sick” (pic: Banksy’s)

Too Good To Be True

Too good to be true,
Yet too long to be untrue;
A dangling long dream—

this song is an ever green for a love that is beyond reach 🥰
my sister introduced Frank Sinatra to me through this song; I love you Mbak Yuda, you’re a best sister
strong message from Banksy; thank you, Banksy!


One of my dreams that might never come true is meeting Banksy. It doesn’t matter, not all dreams come true; some are dangling in my hair beautifully visiting me every night.

God bless Banksy for his inspiration on love and peace.

I’ve printed many of Banksy’s works and here are some of my favourite.