Heaven & Earth

Does heaven and earth exist other than in a lover’s smile? Yes. Dream.

although not there, I still seek heaven and earth in you through my dream 🥰 happy new year to the other time zones until every spot on earth is covered by Jan 1, 2023

3 1st on Jan 1st

There is always first.
A tree greeting breeze and sky
Comes from minute seed.

1st breakfast to make
1st movie to (re)watch in 2023 – an energizing movie! always love Sandra Bullock
1st chore while 1st movie rewatch after 1st breakfast completed — more 1st things on Jan 1st of 1st long weekend in 2023 — i’m gonna love 2023 much 💗

St Elmo’s Fire

Water! Water!
St Elmo’s fire!

No water for St Elmo’s fire.
A good omen.

Amen! Amen!
St Elmo’s fire!

New year again! Thanks so much for reaching this point like a plane (an inch to) landing smoothly. Seat belt still on! Airplane mode still on! Yet the pilot is smiling widely with fire in her heart brighter and brighter, no red anymore, now almost blue to white!

Count down! 💗

love theme from St Elmo’s Fire movie 💝


About another St Elmo’s fire

A Fool’s A Fool

Disclaimer: Please don’t take it seriously. Putting funny tone when reading it will do some favour to enjoy it.

AF (a fool, or whatever you want): Hello!
G (God, not ghost): Hello! What now, funny bit?
AF: Look at me. I’m capable of cooking. I know how to do laundry. I can clean toilet. I can make the room. I take care of plants. I can put smiles at the most bitter person…. I’m an excellent one! Am I not?
G: And?
AF: What about making me an owner of a good hotel? Or at least a small nice clean affordable Airbnb? I will manage it myself.
G: Briliant!
AF: So it’s a deal?
G: Oh, wait, dear sneaky bit.
AF: What’s that?
G: Do you remember when you had food poisoning? What did the hotel do?
AF: They arranged a doctor and ended up paying for the bill as their food was the cause.
G: Do you remember a friend complained about the bed sheet with some weird thing? What did the hotel do?
AF: They upgraded to higher class with original booking price.
G: Do you remember when your peach pants accidentally got some unexpected colour stain?
AF: They compensated unnecessarily extra.
G: Do you remember….
AF: Stop. You are trying to tell me I’m not capable of doing all those?
G: I’m not saying it. It was more questioning you whether or not you are willing to do all those to strangers. Sometimes the bitterest snobbish strangers.
AF: No.
G: Then? What now?
AF: Alamak…. Why is it always difficult talking to you? Amen.

It is sometimes not fun doing the talk but it is always leaving a funny feeling of being thankful and content. Human being!

Thanks for making me a human being though. Hey, God! Are you still there? Sorry, sorry, sorry…. 😘


Done! I’m a champion of the home! 😛
and a stupidity! 😭 by a champion 🤮

Long Battle

This love, Beloved,
A battle to win the heart
Zooming in and out—

How distant are we? Never away, just the lines and dots that project substantial distance. Once perspective is well understood, near far is never an issue as all are cluster of objects in the same dimension.

Yet how well is perspective projection can be accepted by this foolish brain?

Not easy to do it well. It is to play the focal length. It is a long battle to win the heart; is it my heart? Or your heart? Or both? It depends on what the computation is based. Can only wish it is based on mathematics that contains literature for accuracy without beauty kills hope. And living without hope is walking zombie.


red torii: balance that stands out, mercury painted to battle the climates, poetic geometry

Daydreams of A Lover

Have got everything:
A sweetest smile,
A cheery hello,
A loving look,
A warm hug,
A good kiss
All in loving care.

Yet in all daydreams of closeness and connection….

I wish to give
You a warm kiss,
Yet impossible
You are too high
Up the sky;

I hope to give
You a pretty daffodil
Yet unlikely
You are too disguised
Behind the curtain;

I want to spread for
You a good breakfast
Yet too early
You wake up too late
In another day;

I want to paint
You a red torii
Yet too trivial
You know torii much
Better than me;

I am writing
You secret love poems
Yet in vain
You don’t even care
They exist.

Breath is with what I count life.
Breath is in what I save love.
Breath is on what I paint faith.
A warm kiss,
A pretty daffodil,
A good breakfast,
A red torii,
And secret love poems
Have livened this breathing
You have got
A sweetest smile,
A cheery hello,
A loving look,
A warm hug,
A good kiss
All in loving care.

I only wish
You behind the curtain
See me breathing
For and with

This long weekend of Eid Al-Adha is turning to brighter space with slow breathing, daydreaming and chili party.

Happy Eid Al-Adha, family and friends. Hope we are blessed with closeness and connection with the Source of Love.

Alhamdulillah 💝

RC Gorman’s – what an inspirational picture for chili lovers 😁

One by One

Wishing, Beloved,
Upon a star where dreams sit
Waiting to be picked
One by one to the bucket
Before the steps reach the home—

Many dreams look so much near. Places to go on earth displayed in Pinterest lengthen the list and be a good escape for mind every weekend before dosing off. Can only wish that the lengthened list lengthens the life, pushing the EOL later and later— 🤗

Some dreams can’t even be described…. You are as near as far away…. 🙃

Happy weekend. Oops long weekend.

next year, next year…. please 🥰 want to stand under those trees and greet the women who carry loads on their heads! beautiful! 💝

Warm Snow

Hi, Purple Crocus.
You must have been hugged by snow,
Now rise joyfully.


How is it possible for a seed to grow if not because of a warmth hug from Mother Earth blanketed by white snow?

May all beings be happy.

I’m so blessed with such a looooong weekend that I say it again and again and won’t stop playing with colours.


when time allows, colours play as much as they wish to

Merry Christmas, Long Weekend

Wish you, Beloved,
Sent with white heart through the air
And short holiday


Christmas falls on Sunday so it’s replaced with a day off on the following Monday. I take 2 days of special shut-down on 23 and 24 so…. It is a long weekend for 2021’s Christmas. Whoohoo!

As much as missing my family, I don’t have enough gut to go back to Indonesia which still applies 10-day quarantine in Jakarta while I still have to fly to Surabaya before meeting my mother.

“It’s fine, you stay safe there. Take good care of yourself,” said they. That’s enough as blessings to me.

So? Where to go?

Pulau Ubin by bike!

Al Fatihah to all celebrating Christmas and those enjoying holiday! 💕

soft soothing wish of Christmas 🤍

Freedom to Express – haiku

Freedom to express:
Same as “whatever I like”?
My balcony cries.

I feel that this long weekend is really long and giving me great deal of space. My passport is retained for a visa vignette so I can’t fly out to give Singapore a break. Yet, I find that being at home for 4 days is amazingly beautiful experience. Cooking, reading, watching movies, listening to my oldies jazzzzzzzah and daydreaming…. But I missed one thing; I’ve left my plants with just watering without greeting. I’m looking out at all of my plants through the window, I hope they are still as happy as can be. If they want to express their protest, let them come to my dream and say “Dear, Human. Be wise and greet me.” 🥰

Silent Chinese New Year – 2015

I’ve got a long weekend for Chinese New Year will fall on Friday and Saturday. And, ’ve got an even longer weekend since my company grant us two more days off on Monday and Tuesday so that Chinese colleagues can enjoy more time with their family. Six days! Thanks, Tim!   🙂

Just going back to Jakarta last week to enjoy the Kenduri Cinta in Taman Ismail Marizuki so I decided not to go home to Indonesia this time with some reasons: expensive ticket, short period of holiday (inconsistent with my earlier statement that this weekend is long even very long weekend), time to contemplate….

Expensive ticket is a kind of trend. In holiday season many Singaporeans fly out. The bigger the demand, the higher the price. So be it. It might not be a problem because we can buy economy seat or use frequent flyer points to get a ticket but it won’t worth the time enjoyed…. It is a long weekend indeed but my home is not around Jakarta anymore and so it takes longer travel time. Now I like going back to my mom’s home where family reside including those cats that – I believe – miss me so much 🙂

So, long weekend short…. And I want it to be a silent year start – Chinese year….

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.07.34 pm

Need a stationary time. Noble silence. No work, no chat, no talk, just me. Won’t call it “me time” because it is not for me, it is for…. I don’t know whom it is for – I just wanna do it. 🙂

Noble silence and creative contemplation will be the proper terminology. Will be enjoying the long weekend in this city country. Known already it’s gonna be short in feeling….

Equipped with a sketch book, a box of color pencils, photography tools and an EZ-link card I’ll wander around this island…. And, see what I can generate at the end.


Singapore – February 18, 2015 – 3:51pm

Picture borrowed from http://www.therufus.com/product/rumi-on-silence-poster/