The Journey (Big Panda and Tiny Dragon)

Two enter a gate
So they can end a journey
In a brand new start.

Found another book of “Big Panda and Tiny Dragon” by James Norbury in Changi Airport T3 today.

colour that is always stunning
an ever gate
feeling like an ever-incomplete being, the expansiveness is incredibly significant – there’s a need to see a vastness to finally realise that it’s all about accepting a limit
looking at the mirror
be scared as it is to experience 💗
heaven feels like flowing river – does it?
been lost physically and spiritually, and found too in both 💕
what’s next? 😍

Got lost

Got lost, Beloved,
Standing in a night-market
Seeing all the cheers—


found this this morning in Changi Airport.
I know enough ☺️ thank you! 😘
how strong is my root?
but not in front of those labelling themselves with high price – too high, this life is too humble to bathe in pride
and don’t talk about love with those misunderstanding it, they will judge you the way they think what love is
nice for weekend
you can treat life as you wish; just know life will return the same, only multiplied
couldn’t stop laughing and agreeing
getting lost with and in a book is like getting lost in a good place