They’re flying
Around colours and shapes
In a garden
Where the gliding fragrance
And dripping nectars
Invite them
To celebrate
One phase
Before the next.

in Subak, Ubud wearing new clothes from Sukawati market (only for SGD30) and butterflies in my tummy 😁


Under the green leaf,
Crawls then sleeps. Wake up with love.
Fly, Butterfly, fly.

Metamorphosis of egg to caterpillar to cocoon before butterfly is beautiful and relevant with the cycles of human being’s life in all aspect.

How someone finds a potential and amplifies the potential with any resources that one can think of such as schooling, taking courses/training/workshop, reading, listening, watching, contemplating, consultancy…. Oh some others who don’t have clear thinking include their actions of cheating, stealing, breaking the law, stepping the integrity lines, backstabbing, etc.

It is like witnessing the eggs sheltered by some shade of plants and with the weather and pressure, they are pushed to crawl out of the shells. Here it comes one hungry caterpillar, playing happily, eating this, eating that, eating these, eating those, eating everything. This caterpillar can only stop eating when one feels numb and one’s fullness melts away and wraps itself to sleep. The things one consumed liquifies it like ice thawed in a plastic bag.

Sleep soundly, hungry caterpillar and don’t wake up until someday your fluid self come into form, embodied into a totally different creature. The butterfly you are!

There was a time when an employee is so preoccupied with what one is doing, as if one is wrapped in a system that trapped one doing the same thing like no choice is given. One does it everyday until finally not having to think of how to do it already. One might feel the job is ingrained as a thought, a feeling, an intuition, movement, the life itself. Trained skills and talents make an art, the integrity shapes wisdom. A job—when has become a dedication— will not betray a human being.

Hope someday mine becomes one. It is never about how high I climb but about how deep I dive into the commitment of making what I’m doing a wisdom and benefits for those we promise to protect and support.

I think it is ok to be one hungry caterpillar, looking greedy and craving for more knowledge, experiences, adventures. As long as it knows where poison lies, it is safe to chew and swallow anything. No no not anything…. Select wisely, Beloved.

I remember Steve Jobs said “Stay foolish, stay hungry”. That person really knew what he was doing. Many people might have thought negatively about him, laughed at what he was doing, called him crazy, kicked him out for having different ideas, backstabbed him to stop his annoyance. Those people just didn’t know that that guy was a hungry caterpillar processing into a cocoon before butterfly. Amazing human being! God bless time when he was alive and forever.

Hmm…. Perhaps he truthfully made himself hungry by fasting and foolish by learning and unlearning.

God bless you, Steve Jobs and the people around his belief about staying foolish and hungry.


you know what colours will be yours

Hungry Caterpillar

Caterpillar feet
March on a twig. Oops! They flip.
Scary acrobat!
It looks up to the blue skies,
Prepares to cocoon itself.

Butterfly is never really born. It is a natural breakthrough after the hungry caterpillar is willing to go fasting and liquidize itself in seclusion. When it is time, a butterfly comes into being.

You might be not a colourful pretty butterfly but cocooning should have taught you that your present being is the output of a long resting period after such a long euphoric period of being a hungry caterpillar. The euphoric being is gone, replaced by a winged soft being flying and dancing celebrating the moving air around its body.

Your wings might be just pitch black but they are the result of how sincere you are in a transformative sleep hanging in a weak twig, without knowing if you’ll be slapped down when the twig is broken, without knowing that you’ll be aborted because of the wet, without knowing that the end is the end or a transition point. You just don’t know but you accept your not knowing.

You might not be as pretty as the most beautiful butterfly out there but…. You’ve gone through the same quality of cycle – not less not more. Thanks to fair Mother Nature.

To be “born” winged, fly, help the flowers pollinate before fruition and magically create graceful move with super powerful effect….

Don’t be upset for being a flipping hungry caterpillar’ coz when you’re transformed, your flapping wings can blow a typhoon!

May all caterpillars be happy…..

Rike Jo

Celebrating Beautiful Life


Picture 1. Butterfly

Butterfly is beautiful. The colorful feathers reflect the incredible process of natural art. Always perfect combination of colors is expressed on them.

But, would you think deeper than just beauty without processes behind?

Many of us know that before being butterfly, a butterfly have to undergo some processes starting from being a tiny “meaningless” egg, ugly no-sexy-guy-oh caterpillar, blanket of cocoon fasting the whole month suffering from whatever it is…. Such a long way to be radiant flying colors!

But how many of us want to think of how precious those processes are for us to learn a lesson.

Being a tiny meaningless egg is not easy although you just have to stick yourself to a piece of leaf. You become a stamp to a piece of leaf – identifying “hey, please see this leaf is as important as a letter that should reach the recipient….” The tiny egg should be appreciated with high respect, it is a potential to grow. The egg is dependent on the environment – it only has a potential but not yet transformed. Let’s appreciate our tiny weeny egg in ourselves. If we can’t appreciate the lying egg, there goes our dream but to vain.


Picture 2. Hey, I am a tiny weeny eggy….

Oh the no-sexy guy caterpillar is crawling, so disgusting…. No way! It is disgusting because of our misunderstanding of it. It gives you poison and makes you itchy all over when you touch that guy but of course…. The guy is trying to protect himself. Who’s gonna say “yes, please” without struggling if threatened by suffering or death? Even dying itself is struggling in either saying goodbye to current physical or accelerating to reach the next door of life…. So, the guy is protecting his life, his dream and his growing potential – he knows now that he will have stronger potential. But he knows only eating…. Yes, that is what he needs to do because the life is calling him to eat, eat, eat – craving for any single thing edible for him…. He knows he’s gonna be fasting, gonna be poor, so saving for rainy days he is.

Mr. Caterpillar, please enjoy this grand life. Eat all the leaves, eat all sweetness of life, eat, eat, eat…. Craving for all… Stay hungry, stay foolish – that’s what’s Steve Jobs said. And, by staying hungry & foolish somebody does not have other interpretations of life except for studying, learning, eating (a must). Mr. Caterpillar’s belly won’t burst for sure because….

Mr. Caterpillar feel some hair is growing. He keeps eating but feels that he is gonna die. He becomes weaker and weaker, wiser and wiser then stops eating and goes to sleep.

Picture 3. Oh…. I am sorry I just don’t have the gut to see the guy….

In his sleep, in the grand slumberland he is connected to himself as miles of thread covering him that make universe call him cocoon…. He does not want to eat because his mount is now evolving, he just accepts whatever happens to his fatty long body that dries and slims because of fasting. More silk is coming our of his back – not hair anymore…. The silk is weaving itself to what ever they are – sort of leaves? Oh, Mr. Cocoon starts to forget his being a no-sexy guy oh caterpillar. He just concentrate in whatever process is now happening to him – no nerve is let out, all acceptance of being molten into a new creature…. Days in a woven web of something coming out of his back.

Oh, Mr. Cocoon feels something in his body move. There are leaves on his back now that still wrap him in the dark but it is time to open himself. Flowing fluid is pumped into his long nervous tissue.

His leaves – feather – are expanding, pushing out themselves to open a door of “dead” Mr. Cocoon. Slim legs are digging out the cocoon bag. Nobody should should help because anybody’s help can kill the newly-born butterfly. Let the butterfly bear its own birth. Just watch, smile and we’ll see he is capable of going out of his own darkness.


Picture 4. Mr. Cocoon

And, here is a beautiful butterfly.

A short process discussed in Entomology but it is a long process for one tiny egg on a leaf to become a real magnificent butterfly.

Please appreciate every tiny potential on earth since we never know what it would go to be. Give love to any potential and it will grow to a butterfly.


Picture 5. Celebrating beautiful life

I am happy to have been a tiny meaningless egg, a no-sexy guy of caterpillar yeah, a weary cocoon for all those processes have made me who I am.

Singapore  – November 27, 2013 – 2:33pm

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