A Fruit That’s Bitten

A fruit that’s bitten
Sends a sailor with a map
To harvest white pearls.

Apple, a company whose stores are as stunning as its products 💝 (Apple Store Central World, Bangkok)
less romantic compared to the other picture but the bitten apple is reflected more fully


Under the green leaf,
Crawls then sleeps. Wake up with love.
Fly, Butterfly, fly.

Metamorphosis of egg to caterpillar to cocoon before butterfly is beautiful and relevant with the cycles of human being’s life in all aspect.

How someone finds a potential and amplifies the potential with any resources that one can think of such as schooling, taking courses/training/workshop, reading, listening, watching, contemplating, consultancy…. Oh some others who don’t have clear thinking include their actions of cheating, stealing, breaking the law, stepping the integrity lines, backstabbing, etc.

It is like witnessing the eggs sheltered by some shade of plants and with the weather and pressure, they are pushed to crawl out of the shells. Here it comes one hungry caterpillar, playing happily, eating this, eating that, eating these, eating those, eating everything. This caterpillar can only stop eating when one feels numb and one’s fullness melts away and wraps itself to sleep. The things one consumed liquifies it like ice thawed in a plastic bag.

Sleep soundly, hungry caterpillar and don’t wake up until someday your fluid self come into form, embodied into a totally different creature. The butterfly you are!

There was a time when an employee is so preoccupied with what one is doing, as if one is wrapped in a system that trapped one doing the same thing like no choice is given. One does it everyday until finally not having to think of how to do it already. One might feel the job is ingrained as a thought, a feeling, an intuition, movement, the life itself. Trained skills and talents make an art, the integrity shapes wisdom. A job—when has become a dedication— will not betray a human being.

Hope someday mine becomes one. It is never about how high I climb but about how deep I dive into the commitment of making what I’m doing a wisdom and benefits for those we promise to protect and support.

I think it is ok to be one hungry caterpillar, looking greedy and craving for more knowledge, experiences, adventures. As long as it knows where poison lies, it is safe to chew and swallow anything. No no not anything…. Select wisely, Beloved.

I remember Steve Jobs said “Stay foolish, stay hungry”. That person really knew what he was doing. Many people might have thought negatively about him, laughed at what he was doing, called him crazy, kicked him out for having different ideas, backstabbed him to stop his annoyance. Those people just didn’t know that that guy was a hungry caterpillar processing into a cocoon before butterfly. Amazing human being! God bless time when he was alive and forever.

Hmm…. Perhaps he truthfully made himself hungry by fasting and foolish by learning and unlearning.

God bless you, Steve Jobs and the people around his belief about staying foolish and hungry.


you know what colours will be yours






Saya minta doanya ya

Senin tanggal 19 November ini saya akan menghadiri wawancara masuk kerja.

Kerja di sebuah perusahaan yang pernah saya mimpikan dengan malu-malu.

Saya akan melakukan yang terbaik karena tak ada alasan untuk tidak melakukan yang terbaik

Dalam segala hal.



Saya minta doanya ya

Dengan doamu yang tulus akan makin besar energy-ku untuk berbuat yang terbaik

Semoga yang kulakukan memberikan manfaat untuk banyak orang.



Pintaku ini adalah ketulusanku

Sebagai bagian dari apa yang bisa kusampaikan,

Boleh kuungkapkan,

Berani kuteriakkan,

Itulah yang pantas kuaungkapkan…


Bagai buah apel

Yang digigit untuk sekedar membedakannya dari buah cherry.

Maka kali ini aku menjadi apel yang tergigit tapi demi membuktikan bahwa aku tak beracun.


Maka dengan ketulusanku, akan kulakukan yang terbaik…


Menjadi pendampingku…


Tulus sayangku padamu semua… Sahabatku.



Rumah mungilku di bantaran Kali Cisadane – 16 November 16, 2012 – 11:16 malam