How Was The Day

After one Monday,
Throw laughter before Tuesday.
Or at least a smile,
That draws a line on a face,
That strengthens steps miles away.


Laughter brings brightness. It carves good mood. It (hopefully) enables longevity.

creative people turn poverty to joy πŸ™ƒ slapstick isn’t my favourite but this channel has made me laugh out loud, roll on the floor on one slow Monday.


Breathing, Beloved,
Circulating to balanceβ€”
Inhale the laughter,
Exhale the wisdom. Or else,
Wise in, laugh out. Life is full.


This weekend is laundry session accompanied by a marathon of Indonesian comedy films closed with a documentary, Semesta from Tanakhir Film.

She won’t survive without laughing and will rot faster without contemplating; or the other way around.

How would she not be grateful with both accessible?

Welcome, a new week.

Need Some Stupid Conversation

We are all born naked
Dressed differently in death. Whatβ€”
Would we do in life?


Would keep laughing at myself in life because there are many comic moments in life (tragedy + time = comedy) β€” like being born every time, nakedly honest in front of own self

And would love to live around those who can see wisdom from what we’ve laughed at or jokes in wisdomβ€” pure laughter, no humiliation, no underestimation, but yeah sweet insult πŸ€ͺ

Can’t imagine how boring to live with those who can’t even laugh seeing their face on the mirror…. πŸ₯³

Can’t wait to meet my best people and laugh at this life, accompanied with home made snacks and favourite drinks! Wisdom, jokes, social politic gossip and some stupid β€œgaring” guessing games as always πŸ€“

Time is relative so next year can feel like one hour from now!