Flowers And Bees

Flowers, Beloved,
Invite bees to pollinate.
Duo saviours—


Bees are the most important agent to keep the human race alive. Without bees there won’t be crops because no plants are pollinated and human being won’t have things to eat and in four years all human beings are gonna die (summarise from an allegedly Albert Einstein’s statement – If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.)

Hey, dope! Bees won’t pollinate flowers in a vase! 🤪

Haha! Ok, please forgive me. I simply need flowers to keep insanity in tact for the next one week.

Thanks, Plants. Sorry, Bees.

May all beings be happy.

African protea, eucalyptus leaves, calycina heather white, eunymus japonicus leaves – pretty and fragrant 🥰

Magically Blessed

Magic, Beloved,
Scented, shaped, coloured. Travelled
By sea, land and air—


There are many choices of flowers and leaves imported from Down Under recently. Protea, leucadendron, silver bell eucalyptus pods, Geraldton wax flower, eryngium big blue, eucalyptus leaves, etc appear in the flower shop.

As they don’t come every month like roses, chrysanthemum and spider lily, I grabbed them fast. Greedy? Please don’t. Let’s call it excited. 😌

These flowers and leaves prove to be not only pretty but also aromatically medicative. Imagine working breathing eucalyptus for at least one week. Ya, they last longer than roses, chrysanthemum and spider lily.

I think I’ve received a lot of blessing and healing through travelling, flowers and food most time of life, particularly recently. There is nothing better to thank but breathing deeply and chewing slowly with all heart and soul.

If not because of being blessed and loved, what else are we given all these?

Sending blessings and love across the ocean to the one dearly loved. 💝

May all beings be happy.

aromatherapy in a vase
leucadendron, the florist called it differently I forgot what
silver bell eucalyptus pod – just saw them and fell in love
eucalyptus leaves – I can breathe it the whole day literally