Pixie Dust – haiku

Look at the light waves!
Blinking, glittering around —
Pixie dust in air.


Picture borrowed from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/279223245623634469/

Singapore – November 24, 2016 – 11:30pm

A Green Pioneer

On a bed of giant stones,
Green pioneer is settling its foundation….
A root-like thread that’s prone
To deform hard surface to cushion.

Expanding considerably fair,
While breathing the air,
Unfolding a bed of soft mat,
Comfort to sleep for a cat.

Some fairies are lingering around,
Seeing if the fresh bed is ready,
And, landing abruptly — laughing outloud,
Hugging their own torso, a giggling spree.


Picture borrowed from https://narble.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/haiku-moss/comment-page-1/#comment-699

On the bed more and more greeneries grow ahead,
On the sofness deformed under the root-like thread.
The green pioneer is chewing the stones,
Without giving pain to those soil bones.

While sitting on the green mat —
Soft, wet and fragrant.
Thank you, Universe….
For teaching me about the happy pioneer.


Temasek – October 14, 2015 – 1:00am