May 14, 2016
rike jokanan

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Green valley – haiku

Two dogs and a cat Stroll in joy, breathing sweet air In a green valley. How big is my dream of having a green valley? So big…. Why? Because I want as many animals as possible to live happily in the valley, as many farmers as possible to earn good living in the valley,  and […]

October 14, 2015
rike jokanan


A Green Pioneer

On a bed of giant stones, Green pioneer is settling its foundation…. A root-like thread that’s prone To deform hard surface to cushion. Expanding considerably fair, While breathing the air, Unfolding a bed of soft mat, Comfort to sleep for a cat. Some fairies are lingering around, Seeing if the fresh bed is ready, And, […]

January 9, 2015
rike jokanan


Into The Nature

Happiness and joy are represented by those two children playing in the rice field. Running and laughing, chasing each other in the sloping road…. Framed by terraced land of paddy, roofed with blue sky, and founded on the strong brown soil they enjoy their early journey of life. Oka and Asti Catch me if you […]

December 21, 2014
rike jokanan


Gifts From Nature

Gift is everywhere, reflected by the heart as mirror reflecting shadows. How clear this heart is? See these pictures and find if there’s gift presented by nature. Rainbow arch Slides down to earth, Pouring colors ====================================== Prawn spruce in a golf court in Cupertino, California Betel leave in Tulungagung, Indonesia Banana field with farmer couple […]