Whirlpool, Beloved,
Rotates to flush the stagnant.
Brain? No exception.

Izakaya-san*: How are you, Rike-san?

Me: I’m well. How are you there? Hopefully Japan welcome more foreign visitors.

Izakaya-san: I’m great! Yes, starting this month we relax the policy. How is Asia?

Me: I beg your pardon.

Izakaya-san: How is Asia?

Me: Oh. South East Asia? Much better. Most countries open borders without test and quarantine.

Izakaya-san: Oooh! Asia is good, too. Good, good, good!

This head was whirled yet decided to sound normal this afternoon. God bless Izakaya-san and his people from his generation. 🤭


i’m very often “Japanly” whirled! 😂

* Izakaya-san is a pseudo name I use to talk about unique Japanese that gives me some experience. It’s not because I dislike izakaya. I like izakaya so much that everything about Japanese unique reminds me of izakaya. Only Japan has izakaya.

Tonight Is A Good Night

Good night, Beloved,
They slow down even the trains.
But times, it moves right.


One friend said “Some people show their sweet side when they need me, I just knew they laughed at me behind my back and said how stupid I’ve been for (she mentioned one big social contribution she made). Do you think I should stop being kind to people?”

Another friend said “No. why stop? There is karma so you’d better do good deed. Your good actions will be repaid with good reactions. Believe it.” This one is also very kind.

Another one said “This life doesn’t owe you anything. So how much ever you spend, it will not be paid back. You will not be repaid 10 points just because you donate 1 point. Look! How much have you lost, just like that? No one gives you 10 times the amount, right? What karma? Whose karma? You’d better do what’s the best for your benefits and without harming others.” She is the most critical.

The other friend said “it should be balanced. You do good things and don’t forget doing bad things.” 🤔 Gosh she is always the most confusing.

I said “I’m hungry. Let’s go dinner. Our brain needs to slow down.” Those three stopped arguing.

Night is always good for a chat with some friends whose heads contain different things whose heart is of one intension — to respect friendship.

Salaam. ♥️

two trains to/from opposite directions of the same line, Red Line


A smile, Beloved,
Not to or for. It’s just there,
A ready bounty.

All the lyrics and the music — lyrics were recited, music was listened to. Those lyrics and music were so beautiful that they invited the best smile of the day. A smile that appeared like a good shape coming out of a foggy morning in the moorland. Until some reality struck, telling that those were directed more to a head than a heart, and to somewhere else.

Uh oh!

Well! A smile must still be kept. It is a grace, an alms, a bounty, a gift, a bonus, an appreciation; or from hidden wisdom formed through sedimentation of things annoyed yet forgiven. Or probably a smile is a package of lyrics and music — sweetly flowing. Aaah! Must be appreciated!

Put a best smile on the face and world will smile, too.

May all beings be happy.


because I know any news is worth smiling – bitter or sweet