Lines of orange trees
Tell stories of a city
With its bright fruit juice.

Andalusia 🎼
orange trees in the yard of Mezquita de Cordoba 💝 (from Pinterest) – they taste bitter 🙃

Stories to Revisit (ranting)

Steps measure long roads
Where historians write stories
Tracking their own mind.

History isn’t about what’s written only but it is also about what’s tied to myths and folklores. Reading history books by ignoring what’s verbally circulated by people through myths and folklores is like describing a rose through picture: failing to experience the touch and the fragrance. People are always the actual sources of history— without them history doesn’t exist.

History versions are as many as heads on earth as all people have their own life history related to certain incidents in the world; not all of them though write. Many save their history in head and heart with different reasons— no time, no tools, no courage! My blog is my history book (that to some brilliant people looks like full of unnecessary complaints and cheap experiences). I love my history book how much ever people laugh at it. Hey! When people laugh at it, it means my comedy works. 😁


see you, Cordoba! this place is one of those I must revisit because of the history 💕💕
see you, Sagrada Familia — I stayed for one hour outside, not being able to enter the so much crowded gate, I will be back to see if the history goes on 😍
see you, Grand Mosque of Paris – I will be back to its historical garden 💝
London? I’ll be back! history is well preserved there
see you? umm maybe not….

Coming Out of The Dark

Did you see the light
Or the dark? Or both? Or none?
Now you see the light.
the light behind the cloud yesterday. magnificent

Light above light. Layers of light. Spectrum of light. What is light? Is it the radiation? Is it the brightness? Is it the wavelength? Is it the source? Or what?

It is what’s defined but at the same time what is not definable. It is what is seen but at the same time what is not visible.

May all beings be happy.

my sister lent her cassette to me and this song was ever favorite – cassette? what a history, so dark yet beautiful, giving me some enlightenment 😎

Here – May 25, 2022 / 20:15

Healing Roots

Trace back history
Deeply buried in the dark.
Strong trees start from roots.


History of life. History of family. History of country. History of a nation. History of a continent. History of the world. History of human beings. History of the universe.

Whose stories?

History is written by the victors, said Winston Churchill. Is that right? It might be, politically.

She’d love to understand histories from those who have experienced life journey with heart and soul.

No right or wrong

May all beings be happy.

roots are as delicious 🐣