Home Early

Who doesn’t love laughing should not be given holiday. 😛

Mother: Dear, you are home earlier than usual today?

Child: I was the only one who could answer the teacher’s question and I was allowed to leave the class earlier. He also gave me 3 days off.

Mother: That is incredibly great! That’s mama’s child! I’m proud of you! What was the teacher’s question though?

Child: Who threw the chalk to my head?

Mother: $&@“/!?#~

(from Pinterest) no no definitely not this cute girl 😁


Two friends are chatting under a tree.

Friend #1: I think God takes care of us very well.
Friend #2: I think God stopped working after creating us.
Friend #1: You just don’t know.
Friend #2: I just don’t care.

Suddenly a lightning strikes not far from the tree.

Friend #1: Cheese!!!
Friend #2: What the hell are you doing?
Friend #1: I told you! You don’t know! God just took a picture of us gossiping.
Friend #2: @&@$#%^*~

(this is a very common joke among Indonesians, modification is applied here)

It is the way some crazy heads respond to what’s striking around them. 🤩