Be Light-Hearted, My Dear

Heart should be as light as a swaying feather to enjoy life with only feel good no matter what.

In Javanese someone with heavy heart is called mbentoyong which literally means “bent and almost broken by the heavy loads”, it is associated with a tree whose branches are bent and almost broken because of heavy loads of ripened fruits”. This kind of person will not find happiness and joy in any point of one’s life; one will misunderstand alone with loneliness and so one will always find refuge among crowd; one is confused about one’s self; one will always refer to what others say about one as if their opinions are more important than one’s own. As long as one is not willing to unload the unnecessary burdens in heart, one will always be mbentoyong better and better and finally be a master of mbentoyong.

It is heavy. I know it is heavy. It is painful. I know it is painful. Be cured, dear heavy hearts whenever you feel heavy. Lightness of heart is a comfort even in discomfort. 🥰

I bless this heart which is light and swaying with the flow of clean river inside. Calm and witty and fun! Thank you for the feel good no matter what. Not easy but doable—



“let’s go to Turkey, Rijk” my best friend texted me last week; “why not, Mbak” said i light-heartedly — it’s time for Konya 💗

Song of The Day – my mood

While working from home
You need a real break. This song
Rocks. It’s a Pop though.


Working from home can be fun when it is once in a while. But no office interaction, no traveling, sitting at home in front of your machine for one full month takes not only love to your job as life dedication but also high self discipline that you can only earn with rigorous training. And this time I still need a booster. Music has worked wonder for the past one week especially this song.

Either YouTube or Music in my iPhone has been a real tool to cheer me up. And Rizky Febian, this young talent has made either of them magic!

Today I played this song I don’t know how many times – Heaven knows. If the singer had to sing live, he must have lost his voice and bored to die! 😁

Thanks for making me realise that only love can make me stay with everything — love to people, love to humanity, love to lifelong learning, love to be my own self….

May all beings be happy! 🙏💕