It rings, Beloved,
Sweeping doubts, blooming glory.
The white loud whisper—

listen to inner voice 💝 you can, only if you are willing to


Listen, Beloved,
Humming angels keep singing
Song of union.
Ears can’t hear, too low a voice.
Heart can, swayed by the wind though.

Root deep, Beloved.
The song vibrates in the earth,
Making grass and flowers bloom,
Brightening up the meadow—
Listen, Beloved.

It takes enormous patience to listen to the silence. Hey! Is it being patient or simply allowing quietness to sit where birds and monkeys are hopping and making noise?

Listening is a skill. A skill needs practices to mastery. Mastery takes time. Time takes breathing, in, out, with awareness.

—practicing listening mode on—

holla…. love ya! (RC Gorman’s work of art)


It’s dark, Beloved,
I’m afraid. Where should I go?
Walk through the shushed wind.


One wise teacher said,”Your path might be dark and you can’t see anything but don’t worry, my child as the hearing works without the light.

Listen. Listen carefully”.

at times I should thank the pandemic…. for making this area the least crowded, so quiet, only sound of water then hair dryer…. the rest is silent air❣️

Singapore – Apr. 13, 2022 / 21:22