You In These Eyes

Your sketch, Beloved,
Done, undone, done, undone for
Perfect silhouette—

Your look in this mind. More or less—

nighty mighty night

You Like It Or Not, Feel Good

Orange horizon
Warms her dusk, welcomes her night.
Weekend’s over soon.


How beautiful is the sunset in the west? The color, the shape, the impression plus the drama that it can create. That’s how poetic a natural phenomenon can be in the hand of a literary person.

How high is sun’s temperature? Burning, suffocating without oxygen, lack of blue and green all red. That’s how emotionless a sunset can be through scientific point of view.

I prefer feeling good…. 🎼

The Moon Last Night

I took photos of the Moon last night…. So beautiful and round – it’s just I who has so limited skill operating my camera and generates the beauty so blurred…. Enjoy!

So gorgeous with the clouds around


Still gorgeous even framed with the bars of my room


Sliced by the bars


And, so full



With the fish-scale clouds


Coconut leaves teasing it


Good night, Moon…


Thank you for showering me with your light….

Singapore – October 20, 2013 – 8:15am