Rain of Lights

Lunar and field lights.
One beams, the other ones glare.
Runners run in peace.



Blue Is The Night

Good morning, moon. How
Was your night? Mine is so blue,
Missing someone that
Is loved. He flies with his dreams.
I dive with mine. Happiness—



no wonder most of my nights are blue, the blue light glows wrapping the rise

Is Life A…?

An old man’s waiting
For the sun to rise. He moans
At the moon. “Dark night,
Pull away. You block me from
Beauty.” — Life’s a mentalist.

Who is the true beauty? The moon or the sun? Debatable! It’s a matter of played tricks of layered lights— light upon light with darkness in between. How would it be not cozy hiding under a cool calm night while patiently welcoming morning? How would it be not fun playing in a warm radiant day while cheerfully welcoming dusk?

Ah…. Why should one be getting old while constantly denying what is….


Moon (Rembulan) – bilingual

It is a full moon two days from now. I am waiting for it. She might appear full, hiding her pocky face to make me happy…. She-Night, will you shower me with your bright blessing full of messages from the gods and goddesses? Or, would you tap my transparent bubbles bursting out all secrets of Universe? Shalom….


Dua hari lagi bulan purnama yang kunanti-nanti. Rembulan mungkin muncul bulat-bulat, menyembunyikan wajah bopengnya untuk membahagiakanku…. Dewi Malam, akankah kau menyiramiku dengan pendaran berkah penuh berita dari dewa-dewi? Atau, akankah kau letuskan gelembung-gelembung bening yang menyemburkan segala rahsia Semesta? Salam….




Yio Chu Kang Rd – Oct’ 7, 2014 – 12:25am

The Moon Last Night

I took photos of the Moon last night…. So beautiful and round – it’s just I who has so limited skill operating my camera and generates the beauty so blurred…. Enjoy!

So gorgeous with the clouds around


Still gorgeous even framed with the bars of my room


Sliced by the bars


And, so full



With the fish-scale clouds


Coconut leaves teasing it


Good night, Moon…


Thank you for showering me with your light….

Singapore – October 20, 2013 – 8:15am