Bed of Tulips

Bed of tulips bloom
Under April’s sun. They smile
Through linen canvas.

April 2017, Musee d’Orsy

An Artist

Artist, Beloved,
Proportional and perfect?
No. Flowing river—

When someone is so much a master of something that no labels or names of techniques are needed to pinpoint what s/he’s doing to perfect completion, s/he be an artist.

When will this human being be the artist of her own life? At least the artist of her own breathing…. It takes not only talent for her to become an artist, maybe she needs courage to be wrongly perceived! Maybe she should be at least misunderstood that she seldom breathes right?



saw this artist drawing in Louvre Museum, at that time I didn’t even think it was possible as I didn’t even draw a flower nicely; it would be a shame if people saw my ugly drawing 😁 next visit I’ll do it although I still don’t draw flowers nicely😍