A Cake

Perfect is a cake baked with heart and soul for those waiting patiently.

There is nothing perfect in material thing. Perfect lies in the patience of queueing buyers and in the chef’s dedication of making the best cake for those patiently waiting. And more…

It looks like just a cake but there are more than stories of recipe behind it. There is love of mother to her child. There is trial and error of a chef for her best cake. There is a rent that the shop should pay. There is a smile after every bite of the chocolate chiffon cake. There are best materials supplied by many different shops whose owners commit to customer satisfaction. There is mood that demands stability. There is a city that will be remembered because of this cake. And so on, and so forth. And all happen because of heart vibrating love with any reason possible in this life.

What looks simple or trivial knocks loudly if we lend some listening space.



many things about Japan fascinate me; I wish this country with its ethical practices can last much longer than what’s predicted 💝


Imperfection, Love:
Perfection on the way. Back
To imperfection.

Perfection, Beloved,
Imperfection on the way.
Back to perfection.

No one is perfect as everyone is imperfection in perfect cycles.

How perfect you are, don’t boast. You are simply “rotten body in progress”. How imperfect you are, wise up. You are the soul “shining in progress”. Your body is deteriorating, your soul is rising.


Only if you are willing to slow down.

Enjoy the rest of this weekend!


Rawon set is Eastern Java’s specialty, perfect for weekend before all the home cleaning and ironing and this and that blahblahblah 🥰
the salted egg makes it perfect for those liking extra condiment 👍🏽 oh my it was a torture to this tongue 😌
mix all! lime was needed, a missing condiment this time 🙃
should be a bit longer, tonight is the perfect time
spring onion is the last to plunge in 🥰
beef in
keluwak (black nut), kefir lime leaves, Javanese bay leaves, garlic, shallots, coriander, pepper, galangal, lemongrass


Perfect, Beloved
Indication of moments,
Not about others—


I thought there was perfection but then life showed me that the only thing truly modified by the word perfect is time or in some situation called moment. Other than those two creatures are never essentially perfect, they are perfect through some agreed points of view.

When it is over, it is perfectly done – time is up. When it is cut, it is perfectly completed – time is up.

And I accept a “time is up” sincerely or forcefully. A let go. A move on. A celebration. A moment to remember. A memory to save.

Oh life…. A set of perfect moments you are!

Thank you!

how do you hide imperfect look? make it black and white, that’s exactly what some human beings do to judge others – black, white — or, slice the thing, don’t see big picture and perfection is as if there 🧐

Singapore – Apr. 19, 2022 / 21:03