Pho Bo

‘m preparing and tasting homemade Vietnamese pho bo! This beef noodle never fails my day. Thanks to anyone who invented and perfect this recipe. This is main course in this New Year’s Eve. 😊

Count down continues!

doo doo doo
doo doo doo
boil pho noodle, this time it is real pho noodle, last time i used pad thai noodle
simmer the purified beef and the herbs together. simmer. once again sim….mer…. for about 5 hours 😎
char the ginger
char the onion
this time simpler than my 1st pho
boil it in high heat to separate the beef from its impurities – oh beef inferno 😂
beef bone marrow and rib

Delicious Weekend

Weekend, Beloved,
Clear, nice, fresh— How can’t it be
If it’s cooked with love?


First Vietnamese food from own kitchen. Next one should include bone to make perfect beef flavour. And the chili please, the crown of perfection should be a kick not only a tickle!

Still this weekend is delicious with a big bowl of pho bo!

If I may say Vietnamese pho is the only noodle soup that can beat my dear Indomie! Respect to the soul who concocted this recipe hundreds of years ago.

May all beings be happy.

pho bo a la Indonesia 💝
mung bean sprout, ngo ghai leaves, Thai basil and lime – why Thai basil? sometimes I am wondering why some fruit and vegetables are called “Thai~” while the plants are naturally originally South East Asian! ones can find them in Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia not sure in Singapore (at least in Cold Storage imported from Vietnam or Malaysia or Thailand or Indonesia) 😎
oh my, it is such a betrayal to cook Vietnamese pho using Thai pad thai rice noodle…. sorry, Vietnamese pho; couldn’t find you yesterday
and my betrayal is complete with the Thai fish sauce…. Vietnamese fish sauce, where are you? my friends in Vietnam said their fish sauce is stronger than the Thai. Fish sauce is the secret of pho bo taste!
after all herbs and spices flavours are blended into boil, filter it to find the clear broth – friends in Vietnam said it takes overnight boiling to reach certain consistency and taste. sorry, didn’t have the luxury, 1.5 hours is good enough!
herbs and spices – love it! 💝