Scenery, A Beauty That Prisons

Where are you, oh dear?
Mountains and oceans are passed
By with beauty glued
As memory. Beloved,
Where’s the next stop? Peek a boo!


When I was young; I joined spiritual workshop, class, training; read spiritual books, journal, articles; listened to spiritual preaching, cassettes, radio programs; name more —mostly informal, some non-formal, one formal not finished oh I’m blessed that It wasn’t. Whenever I was asked why I did, I would say “I wanna know God.”

Hopeless popus!*

Has anyone experienced this looking-sophisticated-but-actually-comical thing? Thanks God (s/he’d like to be censored actually) I’m not alone in this zero to zigzagging journey— from being very excitedly curious to being a drunken master. 🤪

What a blessed journey it was!
If I’m supposed to tell that young me when starting through the reading of those looking-sophisticated-yet-actually-comical random materials, I would say “Hey, Lady Haha! You should have a map but a destination is paramount!”

And I still feel so blessed!

May all haha moments be deciphered. 😊

* refer to the video of “How To Dad” in “How To Teach A Kid Curse Words”.

a pinch of salt to my life, no pepper though

Coloring Mandala – Haiku

I’ve been coloring mandalas in a book entitled Coloring Mandala 4 For Confidence, Energy, and Purpose by Susanne F. Fincher. It’s fun, really fun. And while coloring the mandalas, my imagination is unlimitedly wandering around my cosmic awareness. My fingers become relaxed as much as my mind is….


Swirling pencils

Push me to a colorful valley —

Submerged in joy.

Some of the colored mandalas, please enjoy….


Singapore – November 22, 2014 – 12:42am