Being Human

I thought I am kind
But no,
Dogs are kinder.
I thought I am strong
But no,
Dogs rock my heart.
I thought I am me
But not
Dogs know who they are,
They live as dogs
As they are.
I live as what I want to be,
When being inhumane human
Is what gives me benefits.


watched this movie in today’s flight and cried — how dogs’ life is more genuine than mine🙏🏼

Haw! 💝

Be A Dog

Excitement rises.
A dog runs after food bag
Full of dental sticks.

If you don’t feel good, walk a dog and run with it when it runs for food. You’ll feel a real excitement. Trust me.

Wishing to feel good every single second like a happy dog. 😁 Prepare good saving of energy!

😁 Vietnam dog is exactly the same as other dogs: toys, food and other dogs

Passed Away


Our dear Moppy passed away on March 26, 2017 at around 12:14pm Jakarta time. Not a good news for us but we have to face it. He’s lived comfortably in his past years.

I couldn’t write a romantic letter for him earlier as I was too sad to say things about him.

Now that I can write things about him, very little though and not representing my big emotion.

He is happy and comfortable now – happier and more comfortable than when he was in his sick body on earth. And, he is still watching us especially watching Karin Franken who had been taking care of him for his last time before he died. Thank you, Karin – that is what Moppy has said every single day even now.

Moppy, you’ve been our dear dog. Special in your own way, like each of your human buddies are special in our own ways.

Moppy, you’ve changed my perception about dogs. You’ve changed my actions on the animal welfare. You’ve changed my thinking constelation – making me more aware about why we are here….

Moppy, again thank you…. Unlimited thank you.

Moppy, please forgive me for not visiting you for so long…. I know you know why I didn’t come. For you to know that you’ve always been in my diary and in my HEART.

Moppy, be good. Run free! So long, my buddy!


Temasek – April 2, 2017 – 16:36

A Visit To Moppy & Friends

Last weekend I went to Jakarta to meet our beloved fellow creature named Moppy. He is a dog to whom my love will always flow even later when he is gone. He’s survived a cancer — not surviving by curing but let me tell you that he is still alive although with a very painful wound in one part of his plane. He is though strong enough to survive for more than one year after he was rescued.

And, I always miss him wherever I am….
Last Saturday night we visited him.
He was sleeping very soundly. Oh, my Moppy boy. You are still there!
I know you bear the pain because you love your very mother, the sweet lady who is always there for you.

Moppy is ok, not really ok but he is struggling. And no plan to put him to sleep…. He might have been put to sleep if he is not living where he is living now. Moppy is just stubborn to live his cancer…. 🙂

Moppy is still happy. Eating very well. Wagging his tail when meeting human surrounding him.

Moppy, I love you!!!

And when he saw me…. He looked happy…. Nothing I can say but “Hey dude, how are you?”

And, he said “I am ok, you see I survive longer than you predicted. Gotcha!”

I wanted to sing for him but it was late night…. Nobody wanted to hear my tunes. Then I just sang in my heart, looking at his eyes talking to him.

Moppy is now skinnier.
I just pray he is ok.
As ok as he is now when he decides to leave.
Don’t wait.
Please don’t wait.
Let go. Please let go.
We love you wherever you are. You are always loved.

If we don’t meet in my next visit, I’m ok and you should be, too.
Just go…. As you’ll welcome all of us in the next gate.

Moppy, I love you….


Singapore – May 31, 2016 – 1:19am

Focused – haiku

She’s bulging her eyes.
A brown dot in a ground street.
Good God! It’s a dog!


A story of me and my fellow creature, a beautiful dog

And I don’t know to whom I am asking these questions…. And, I find myself in the middle of a market…. Everyone is shouting, everyone is selling, everyone is focusing on what words they’re saying.

Eveyone is speaking, but no one is listening, everyone is living alone….

When I saw a dog in a steet, a dusty ground street. I asked him where I ought to go…. And, he just looked at me without a word passing by me away….

Every one is living, every one is breathing, every one is busy with oneself….

Every one is walking, but no one was stopping, just to care what life is in the other’s end….

Then I chased the dog passing by me. I said, “Hello, Dog. Where are you going? Can I go with you until the next cross roads”. He nodded his head and smiled….

Then we went ahead together. No cross road ahead we found and we decided to go ahead together until we really had to quit….

Life is about sharing even with a dog. Thank you, God for sending me a dog that has been so focused on walking down the path of life.


Singapore, May 2, 2016 – 9:58pm

If Only

If only you know what the dogs are saying while barking, you’ll want to apologize to yourselves and to Mother Earth.

It is time for human beings to stop abusing their existence.


======= Bahasa Indonesia

Jika saja kau paham apa arti gonggongan anjing, kau akan meminta maaf pada dirimu sendiri dan pada Ibu Bumi.

Umat manusia sudah saatnya berhenti menyelewengkan keberadaannya.



JWM Hanoi – Febraury 26, 2016 – 12:36am

I Miss Moppy

Sometimes love is just a weird feeling that bobs up and down in the consciousness…. Above the surface of emotion, I’ve missed a dog that is lying down under a wooden sofa spending his happy days, thanking Universe for the second chance….

Moppy, do you know that deep down in my heart your name is echoing against any possible walls, unlimited….

You are blessed….


How are you boy? I hope you are in good shape, though I know you are not perfectly shaped.

Do you know I miss you? Yes, I know you know I do….

Please be happy, count your days in joy before you decide to go across the bridge.

When you are ready to go, please whisper to me. Don’t say good bye, just say good start. Touch my heart with your warm love.

Moppy, you’ve been a good dog. Not that good but you don’t make a lot of complaints and you’ve strongly survived. A tough, stubborn dog you are. A real buddy in a low tide. You make us keep going.

Moppy, if we don’t have time to meet before you go — or before I go — please always remember I love you. I know you love me, too….

Moppy, you still refuse to be bathed? Gosh! Such a selfish dog 🙂

But that’s ok as long as you are clean…. You are wiped, right? Don’t say no! 🙂

Moppy, you’ve taught me a lot of things.

To be strong

To forgive

To accept the worst

To let go………………………………………………………………………………………..

To love

Thank you, Moppy….


I can’t stop loving you. Let’s exchange blessings through the wind….



Temasek – December 14, 2015 – 10:16pm

Bed of Death

I never deny that I was afraid of death. I don’t know what will happen after death. Will there by heaven and hell? Am I going to hell and how long will I stay there? Oh gosh! It really makes me crazy.

Religion says there will be judgement to put me to fire or garden of Eden. And, this doctrine is still haunting me; less often now though. Some others say that there will be another a recycled karma, I’ve gotta go back to life to repay what’s not done in current portion. Some others say nothing will happen after death, just nothing — I don’t even know what they mean by nothing. Some others say they don’t care…. There might be the others that say things we never know.

Many of my friends passed away, in many different modes: sick, old age, killed, accident….

If I may choose what my bed of death, I will say at home with someone I know and they know what’s death trully is, not people who pretend knowing what it is…. A real bed of death.

Why am I talking about death?

I remember some sweet animals in their beds of death, they know they are weakening but they are struggling. Bima the cat, Moppy the dog and many more cats and dogs…. They struggle and fight to survive from the violence od human beings and from their old age and sickness under human’s good treatment.

For the cats and dogs and other animals struggling to survive from human beings’ violence, please be strong and be patient…. I pray that you are in the right path and you know it. Please, please, please radiate good energy. Please don’t be afraid of death like I was. Death is a gate, a true gate to meet the beloved before transitting to a better space.

I know bed of death is not always a bed surrounded by beloved ones but please please please know that you are all surrounded by angels flapping their wings like a group of colibri…. Happily singing songs of love and peace welcoming their soul leaving the earthy life.

Bima the cat, you can choose what you want. Leaving or staying won’t give you pain at all…. It is a path of learning, learning to let go of loved ones. Like you, I’m learning to do and still fail while you succeed….


Moppy the dog, hello there…. I miss you who struggle to survive there in Jakarta with your beloved family. I hope we can meet again before you leave…. Just let go, boy. We just love you wherever you are.


Bed of death…. Now it is below those beloved rescued animals.
Next time, it will be below me….

Bed of Death, you may come. But please give me time to pay all my debts.

Salaam, Bed of Death.

Remembrance of Bed of Death, Temasek – October 15, 2015 – 12:32am

Breathing – Haiku

Fresh air in and out,
Pumping lungs, blowing blood
Is joy of breathing.

This haiku is a gift for two animals rescued by my fellow animal rescuers.
Those two animals are Moppy the dog and Bima the cat shose noses are injured.
Please send your positive energy for Moppy and Bima for their good life and joy. However long they live, let them decide.

Singapore – August 31, 2015 – 11:00pm

Not A Good Bye

It’s hard to say goodbye especially to them whom we love so much, who have taken good care of us and with whom we spend most good time together.

When I was around 12, our parents decided to move to another city and all the children would go. I remember of feeling so excited because I knew I would have new friends and many other things new. But when the day was approaching, I realized that I would lose my best friends: Luluk, Nanik, Timbul, and others with many many precious moments remaining memories with their faces lingering around my mind. But again, I had to go. And I went…. With tears.

Now, I still remember them. I communicate with them and appreciate our noble friendship.

Moppy, the beloved dog of ours is now being walked by Angels accompanied by us to the Heaven. I don’t believe in Dog Heaven. Heaven is just heaven for ALL. We are walking Moppy to accompany him to cross the bridge as well as to see if our home near him in the next village is ready to occupy.

Moppy is so worried because his day is approaching – I know how he feels because he is experiencing a good bye to his companions he has trusted. He doesn’t want to be forgotten. He wants to be forever guardian for his rescuers. He wants to protect a group of people whom he recognize having been the real rescuers of animals. He is in grief of leaving all those people un-protected because he knows those people are are kind-hearted but sometimes vulnerable.

Moppy, Moppy, Moppy….
Please let go….
Please don’t worry….
Please remember that we’ll always be your family, here or across the bridge.
Archangel Michael already embraces you. I know you know it, Moppy Mopsy baby….

Moppy my dear dog….
See the light and please embark the ready boat.

We are not saying good-bye, we are ending one circle cycle to start another circle cycle. We will always meet in one start or end, or even in every dot to form a full circle. So, please don’t worry, boy…..

Hey, hey, Boatman….
Please carry our beloved dog over to the end of this journey and ask him to wait for just a little while before meeting with us again.

He’s not forgotten, he is not abandoned and he will never undergo the same sufferings anymore.

He can be a king, he can be a prince, he can be a queen, he can be a princess…. Or whatever he wants to be when he meets me someday….

Only one thing, we love you dearly forever, beyond space and time.

The love emitting from Moppy’s heart has made a group of strangers realize that a dog is not a just a dog. Moppy is a special dog that offers love, compassion, protection, caring, responsibility…. Moppy is a special dog. So special to be loved, remembered. No replacement for you, Moppy boy!

We love you! Hey, hey, boy…. Please send our best regards to someone sitting under the palm tree. Tell him not to stop sending love to us, that we miss him and that you are delivered for him. Be good, Moppy boy….

Much much love is in your pocket, boy….

Sholawat…. (thousands of times)


Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud,
Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud, Yaa Waduud…

This is to celebrate how love can connect some tiny dots in this enormous life. Thank you Moppy, Tinny, Karin, Jodi, Tristi, Tria.

Tulungagung, July 24, 2015 – 9:43am

Lark Is Singing For Moppy

I met Moppy last Monday in Jakarta. Hugging him for about 10 minutes at one time plus several minutes after that…. The sensation was he was saying “I am ok, never mind. It’s all right now.”

I felt that it would be my last time seeing him. The coming weeks would be a very hectic time and won’t probably good space to fly in to Jakarta again. That’s why I forced myself to meet him this week; whatever it takes to do…. But if he still wants to spare some time to be hugged, I’ll take his lead.

I feel a lark lingering around. She is singing songs telling me a handsome boy named Moppy is the messenger who brings messages to each of warriors around him – to keep striving for perfection in life. The songs are like flowing river, going to the ocean – ocean of growing love.

The lark is singing while perching, while flying – it’s a sign that the messages are constantly delivered – never stop even the warriors are focusing on something else.


Moppy, if it’s your time, please don’t wait until the warriors are stopping to sit with you. Please take the lead and the warriors are following your way. The warriors are here to stay, deciphering the messages you have brought to them. Even some messages you bring are now not read, those unread would be found in time.

Moppy, throw away your little worry. The warriors have made their pledge that they would be faithful to their missions. That they would be on the right path until they meet you in the other side.

It’s a beautiful chance to be with you in life for just several hours. Been a precious time to hug you and to sing some songs for you….

My heart is filled with love and gratitude and forgiveness that may lead our way to the Light.

Sending my love, blessings and forgiveness to a handsome boy named, Moppy. Be comfortable…..

Singapura – June 3, 2015 – 10:29pm

A Bit of Animal Healers and Lovers

I found one site of an animal healer and got amazed with what she has been doing. The healer name is Susan Grey. She does the healing on site or from a distance. I wish she has long life and be able to heal more and more helpless fellow creatures here on earth.

Very few care about animal healing – the real healing because healing is not only to physical but also to the psychological even spiritual parts of the animals.

Animals can get trauma, animals can be reincarnating souls of previously human so they may need spiritual healing. And, animal healers are helping animals to retrieve back the energy to survive from human threats, life trauma, diseases, etc. What a noble profession we rarely recognise.

My today’s talk to an animal rescuer “Tinny Chen” was really amazing. She is the “mommy” of Moppy, the dog that is now being examined by a highly-dedicated animal healer, a professor in Jakarta. Tinny told me that the professor started his career by being a doctor (to human) then drove his direction to the animal kingdom since he saw that these creatures need him more. This is great!

These two people — Tinny and Prof Koes — along with the supporting people behind them are a group of animal healers; they’re just like a circle of colour pixels with what an animal picture can be drawn beautifully in tact. Each of them heals animals from different aspects: physically and psychologically.

Let’s hope those animal healers bring happy news about the animals, especially Moppy at the moment. Hope Prof Koes can be the hands of Asy-Syifaa who cures Moppy. And, let’s hope Mommy Tinny have everlasting compassion for Moppy and brothers sisters in shelters. And let’s hope that all the surrounding people have positive energy to support them. Let’s hope more people give respect and care to the animals, not consider that “only animals“.

Fyi, from yesterday’s X-Ray we found that there are three bullets in Moppy’s body (one outside skull and two near his rib) and his nose needs to be further analysed for exact diagnose.

The cure of Moppy will be a very good news for all of us, especially for those directly handling him. Let’s pray for the best. Let’s pray that Moppy is healed physically and mentally.

Oye animals…. Forgive me for not doing more than just exposing about your existence. Forgive me for doing very lil’ thing this time. Bless me and love me as like the Asy-Syifaa is always blessing and loving you all. I wish I can be a powerful animal healer. Namaste….

Susan’s web:

bromo 064

Singapore – April 11, 2015 – 12:35pm

Chanting Prayer – To Moppy, the Sweet Dog

Don’t give up. There is always a way to make a way…. If your hands and feet are in long distance from what you are capable of doing, then chant.

Chant the song of love to the one you want to reach with help.
The limitation is like a chain but prayer push out all boundaries.

I believe in the power of healing. I believe in the power of medication
I believe in the power of care. And, I believe in the power of love.

Asy-Syifaa means the one who cures
And I believe that the Asy-Syifa hears all my chant of prayers for the cure for Moppy.

So, let’s chant that sacred name.

Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa
Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa Yaa Syifaa

Yaa Syifaa…..



Temasek – April 9, 2015 – 7:41pm

Prayer – To Beloved Moppy

Prayer is a bunch of energy circulating through words, imaginations, deeds to materialise. So, when we’re praying we are changing the energy into materials which can be seen, heard, tasted, smelt, touched with our physical senses.

But is it only physical that gives the sensation? No, there is something un-seen, un-heard, un-tasted, un-smelt, un-touched but still can be felt…That’s why 6th sense exists.

After six, then there is 7, 8, etc? For sure…. But I want to say that that 6 covers all above 5.

So, if our prayer won’t materialise the energy into those five physical sensations, it means the energy is lingering as the 6th sensation. You still can feel it.

Pray. Even if it doesn’t happen as the eyes want to sense, ears want to sense, tongue wants to sense, nose wants to smell, hands want to sense; your heart never fails to sense it.



Dedicating this prayer to Moppy, the dog that is traveling from Palembang to Jakarta to be cured. I love you, Moppy…. Cured, cured, cured….


Singapore – April 8, 2015 – 9:06pm

Maya, Anjing Yang Hepi

Lagi di Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Seperti biasa ada asyiknya dan nggak asyiknya tiap travel. Enaknya ya jelas deh ketemu binatang-binatang yang tak kalah ramahnya dengan para manusia yang kutemui di Philippines. Filipino punya bakat ramah-tamah yang nggak kalah sama orang Indonesia, jadi nyaman-nyaman saja travel ke kepulauan ini. Kutegaskan kembali Filipino di Philippines itu ramah , anjing-anjingnya hepi walau nggak semua bersih, banyak stray dogs berkeliaran dan tidak ada tukang makan  anjing seperti di daerah-daerah di Indonesia. Semoga para pemakan dan pemburu anjing  diberi kesadaran oleh Semesta, berhenti memburu anjing dan kembali ke jalan yang manusiawi.

Tuan rumah dengan keramahan sempurna tentunya bikin kerjaan lancar. Dan ketemu dengan Maya, anjing yang ditugaskan di gate area hotel, bikin perjalanan di Cebu lebih enteng di batin…. Ini anjing gede dan nature-nya gembira – aku panel “Maya….” langsung lompat mau ngerangkul…. Waduh rek, bukannya takut najis…. Takut digigit doang.


lompat mau hugging


I love you, Maya but please don’t hug me. I’m afraid…. Then she behave 🙂

Maya ini matanya katarak dua-duanya – curiga gw sih penyebabnya makanan karena Lorent di Makati juga matanya sakit karena makanan. So, tolong ya para pemelihara anjing beliin makanan yang nggak ada efek samping buruk untuk anjingnya. Teliti sebelum membeli.

Ada satu lagi anjing jantan namanya Bruce. Warnanya krem kayaknya sih herder juga. Cuma ketemu waktu tiba di hotel Minggu siang jadi nggak sempat moto….

Jadi mereka ini berjaga di gate bergantian tiap 6 jam. Tugasnya mengendus trunk mobil yang masuk ke lingkungan hotel.

Aku tahu alangkah membosankannya pekerjaan itu makanya Maya melonjak gembira saat ada yang menyapa.

Semoga Maya, Bruce dan 5 anjing patrol lainnya sehat, kenyang dan hepi selalu… Lebih dari itu semoga banyak yang melimpahkan rasa sayangnya pada mereka. Amin….

Ayo sayangi anjing dan binatang lainnya…..

SRL Mactan, Cebu – 11 February, 2015 – 6:22 petang



Seekor bulldog diberangus moncongnya, dituntun oleh seorang petugas keamanan bandara internasional Pudong, China. Dua orang petugas lainnya berjalan bersama mereka, pelan waspada….

Kenapa tiba-tiba hatiku trenyuh? Apakah sudah garis hidupku untuk mengalami perasaan sakit bilamana ada hewan yang dijadikan alat oleh manusia namun tidak diperlakukan secara alami? Anjing, kucing, ha master, marmut, sapi, kambing, ayam, burung, dll semua pernah menjadikanku sakit hingga air mata tak mudah dibendung. Sayatan jeritan hatiku melihat mereka dipulasara karena tak ada pilihan lain.

Dulu… Aku pernah berbahagia menginginkan menjadi murid Sulaiman sang raja dan nabi yang ahli bicara pada binatang namun kini yang bisa kulakukan adalah tersenyum kecut karena kenyataan sang nabi bahagia menjadi ahli bahasa binatang tidak selalu menjadikannya tenang, justru sebaliknya.

Aku jadi ingat kata-kata teman “A gift sometimes becomes a curse.” yang seakan terbukti.

Untuk menjadi ahli bahasa fauna kurasa belum tapi aku melihat tandanya yang sangat jelas. Bob Kucing, kucingku yang sekarang ku titipkan pada ibuku, telah menjadi bagian dari pembuktian itu. Aku berkomunikasi dengannya dengan baik walau kadang menyisakan kegilaan yang menggelikan. Namanya kucing kok diajak bicara ya meang-meong doang…. Tapi aku ngerti…

Ah namanya kegilaan biarlah dia berkelana di dalam relung jiwa dan deretan kalimatku saja, tak perlu pembuktian pada audiens…. Cukup kupelihara saja kepiluan ketika mengindera berita tentang makhluk bernama binatang yang disiksa dan tersiksa. Maafkan aku, aku hanya bisa memberikan berkat pada kalian.

Cinta kasihku memancar pada kalian…. Berbahagialah….

Bandara internasional Pudong
15 Juni 2013 – 10:00 pagi