Effortless Motivation to Success

Effortless Motivation to Success

By Laura Roman Lopez

Every one is searching for that magic answer that will make their lives better and more enjoyable. Through motivation, they expect that this will give them the edge to finally see things through and actualize their goals.

What is missing is that when the motivational element is gone and the hype wears off, what then happens. Motivation becomes effortless when it starts from within. Like the Biblical story of Jesus and the boy by the sea. If you give a man a fish, you will feed him once; but if you teach him how to fish, he will never go hungry again. Awaken the self-motivator that lies within you. Once you discover how to do this with conviction and determination, you will always know where to turn for strength, encouragement, approval and confidence.

Effortless Motivation can be achieved by following these simple steps:

Avoid negative people, things and places. You become success by the people you associate with. Stop associating with negative people who only have their own interests at heart. Find like-minded people to start a new social and business circle with.

Be crystal clear in your mind on what you are motivating towards. You have to see it to truly believe it. Visualize it everywhere. Impress on your consciousness that you will have what you are working towards.

Self discipline is vital to staying motivated. Take control of your reality. Do not allow situations or circumstances to deviate you from your mission.

Staying laser focused is the key when dealing with real life adversities.

Do not allow anyone to be the killer of your dreams. Individuals will try either consciously or subconsciously to bring you down. Loved ones are especially capable of this, believing that they are giving you good advice. Simply, thank them for caring and continue on your path.

Approaching life from the highest level of dignity and morality is the best motivator. Doors will open for you when you are operating from this position. From there, more and more good things await which is motivating in itself.

Adopt the philosophy that you make things happen. People will depend on your dependability. When you become the “go-to” person that everyone trusts, it is extremely motivating. You continue to raise the bar of excellence. People will gravitate towards you for it.

Never be afraid to fail. Accept that life is a continuum of learning experiences and that set-backs are apart of the process. Be grateful that mistakes bring you closer to your ultimate goal. It is amazingly motivating if you can see the opportunity from your challenges.

Persistence is necessary no matter how difficult the task. When a person is motivated, the gap between resistance and a favorable outcome is shortened. When you learn to attack each situation with persistence, your completion rate will increase.

Motivation is knowing that you are over-delivering. The fastest way to success is to help as many people as you can to be successful. Whenever you think that you have met your requirements, keep going. You will also set yourself apart from the masses. Over-delivering is so important, yet unknown.

Remember, you are unique. Uniqueness is motivating because there isn’t anyone else in this world who looks, acts, or talks like you do. Value your life and the contributions you are making. When you own this concept, you will find that people will want to be more close to you.

Understand others. If you know how to speak, you should also learn how to listen. Learn to understand first, and to be understood second.

Create a self motivating mantra, such as “Wining is the only option”, “Today is the day, or my personal favorite “I can do that”.

Motivation is also about preparation. Being prepared builds confidence, which will open the door for more dependable outcomes. Once you can depend that your efforts will meet with beneficial results, you will be encouraged to be better prepared and so on.

Enjoy life more. Work as if you don’t need money. Dance as if nobody’s watching. Love as if you never cried. Learn as if you’ll live forever. Motivation takes place when you are happy.

Learn to live by your own expectation and not by the expectation of others. Your motivation can easily lessen if you are not being true to yourself. Listen to what your inner guide is saying and you will never go wrong.

Try to see the big picture. Motivation comes from being able to see things from all sides. That way, you can anticipate and appreciate any possible outcome. You also must trust that a particular outcome is the one that is going to be for your highest good. You might not be able to see it then and there but in the end you will.

Procrastination is one of the main reasons why people fail. The best solution to this behavior is to flip the coin. Look at what procrastination is keeping you from. Too often people focus on the pain of whatever they are procrastinating from rather than celebrating the eventual benefit.

When implementing these steps, you will be awakening the self motivator that is you. Your ability to stay motivated is never to far away if you commit to doing it yourself. Yes, others can still play a role on your way to success – a supportive role.

You are the main character and you command self motivation.

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