I can’t define any better than this: life is a roller coaster. It surges up then down irregularly but well measured, rolls around a dangerous never-ending hills and valleys. You’ve gotta be ready to let your head hanging downward for quite some time before then your tummy be a place for a giant butterfly. You’ve gotta get a bunch of turning points whose effects would probably stop your heart work. And, the shouting and screaming and crying as well as laughing would beat your eardrums. You would learn that your neighbours enjoy their rides differently. What about you?

I myself like riding roller coaster. I laugh while doing it. But… At the same time, my eyes produce tears. A lot of tears: tears of joy, tears of nerve, tears of fright, tears of sorrow, tears of regret, tears of all feelings. I am crying in mixed excitement.

See each rider in the roller coaster. Does s/he communicate with the others? We think they do for they are on the same vehicle but they are not really interacting. They are busy with themselves preparing every single surprise welcoming their way. So much occupied individually.

There is only one thing all the passengers have in common: that they choose to sit on one of the chairs and that they must be guaranteed their safety and security.

The truth about my life is that I am chosen and not choosing because my life itself is a roller coaster. So, my job is only to make sure that I am safe and secure.

It’s a blessing to realize and recognize that my life is a roller coaster. Let’s roll by the coast. (Rike)


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