I have a very brave brother who has been my supporter and protector all this time. When I am sad, he is entertaining me. When he is sad, I am entertaining him. When we are sad, we are entertaining each other, laughing together in irony. Yes, we are entertainer without running entertainment business. J

Now, he is being sad but does not want me to entertain him. What is happening? Is he so much sad that he thinks I can’t get him out of the sorrow? Does he think I don’t care? Or, is it I who makes him sad? Maybe…

Sometime, someone wants to be left alone. Owing to that, I’ve gotta be an understanding person, waiting for the clear sky exchanging the dark cloudy horizon. I am waiting for the right time to get enganged to his very daily smile and receptiveness.

It is the first time I can understand my brother’s “weird” request “I am fine, just want to be left alone”. Previously he growled and scolded when he wanted me to leave him alone. But, this time he doesn’t know the deadline. It makes me quite unrest.

I accept it as an honest request though I can’t be alone without a brother’s support and protection. I am independent and capable but he is the one that has made me very much self-actualized. He has changed the world to me into a colorful, meaningful, beautiful painting.

It is difficult to describe what my brother is like because he doesn’t like me to display his photo for sure. Just imagine a man with slanted eyes, scarred right arm, curly front hair, oily face in the morning and cigarette smoking.

He is my brother that wants me now to leave him alone. Until when, Bro? I miss your laughter a lot…

July 26, 2008

4 thoughts on “HE WANNA BE ALONE

  1. heemm…. memang gak enak ya..?tapi memang orang yang ramepun bisa juga sedih, dan kalo dia sedang sedih atau ingin sendiri…bisa jadi breaking news buat orang sekelilingnya.Karena gak biasa melihat dia diam..


  2. hpoerwanti said: bisa jadi breaking news buat orang sekelilingnya.

    ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh….thsts no good for you miss..but you so lucky miss because you have broher who will give support to you as sister.but i have brother too but he not llike your brother.my brother didn’t wanna know about my self.thats so sad story…does it…hik..hik..hik..am sad…am envious with you miss…hope you will better soon with your brother…just let him alone at the moment..may be he need some time for he self…


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