Read in December, 2008, read count: 1

I like this book. It has brought me to my childhood memory. Scout’s story makes me miss many things.

I miss my adventures.
I miss my strange neighbours. They were people who once made me think that without them I could never survive my school, my hobby, my religion, my family and all in all my life.

I miss my maid who — I strongly think — was closer to me than my mother was. If I may say, I has been raised by a maid ha ha…

I miss my courage to fight my brother, who is now becomes someone untouchable. I love my brother the way Scout loves Jem but we (Scout and I) realize that Jem is a boy and he is so annoyingly selfish sometimes.

I miss I miss to be hugged by my father. He is up there in heaven. I miss to draw jasmine with him. I also miss my mom who would draw roses for me. She is now waiting for me revisiting her after a long time absent.

I miss to be someone loving people without prejudice and without being negatively considered.

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