Your partner as your unconscious image of yourself (share dari Facebook temannya teman)

Your partner as your unconscious image of yourself

by Arum Indriasari on Friday, January 21, 2011 at 8:59am

Your partner is a mirror of your state of consciousness and through him you will be able to know yourself.

Love relationship has become something very interesting and yet complex issues in all human lives. Men and women are very different creature that tend to attracted each other when they have so much thing in differentiation. You tend to attract to someone that you think quite different compare to yourself. It creates a strange curiosity in you and slowly you develop interest on him. Interestingly, you will attract on someone with qualities that you don’t have yourself. The purpose of love relationship is the melting and union from two opposite becomes one, to complete the whole purpose of creation and perfection.

Many people don’t realize that our partner is the mirror of your state of consciousness at the moment. The universe works in a mysterious and funny way. Our purpose in life is to gain understanding about ourselves and to evolve as beings. Once you move into higher realm of your level of consciousness; you will attract the surrounding with same qualities around you. It could be new friends and new lover. You will attract a love partner that will mirror and challenge your inner quality.

Men and women have unconscious issues that sometimes have been overlooked or prefer not to be seen in the reality. An insecure woman will attract man with the same problem; maybe man with childish and immature behavior. Someone who has fear about intimacy will attract the other with same problem too, manifested by a person who has difficulties in commitment; either married person or just unavailable .

Look at your partner eyes, let your partner be your mirror, you will see your unconscious quality of you. You will see your fear, your hidden obsession, your desire, your sadness that has been suppressed for so long. You will see the ugliness of you and wondering if that your lover fault. Love relationship has opened us to the deeper level of our soul. Go beyond intimacy, layer by layer, you will reveal yourself. In the uneasiness process, you will start thinking and find something to blame outside. It must be your lover imperfection or your relationship doesn’t fit well, you don’t belong each other, and again the same repeating old cycle happen; you not happy and think maybe better you call this relationship off and find somebody more suitable for you. Sadly, this process will repeat again, until and only when you move together in deep meditative relationship, only compassion and awareness will stop you from this never ending circle.

Only in the love relationship, men and women will reveal their honest and truest quality. By time you will not be able to maintain your ‘want to be image’. The pain, the ugliness, the fear all will come up to the surface then you will start yelling each other and love turn to hatred.

Love and hatred are same actually; same intensity and quality. You wonder of why by being alone you such a cool person than suddenly , being with someone has turn you into a jealousy and obsessive person? Yes by being alone you don’t have a mirror to see your face. Being with someone and he is reflecting to your face, then you realize that you still have those things but only suppress them. Funny, a woman like this will attract a man who will always challenge her into jealousy and anger.

A man who fears intimacy because he doesn’t want getting hurt; he will seeks endlessly and involves in the love affairs. He is longing for love, to feel in love but when love finally arises surround him, he starts to freak out and put some distance. This kind of man will also attract a woman with similar problem about insecurity and their relationship will be vulnerable and lack of trust.

Just step out when all those feeling arises within you, observe and accept that you still have fear, anger, jealousy, pain etc. Don’t suppress that and feel guilty about neither yourself nor pointing the finger towards your lover and put the entire burden on him. Now it is time to be meditative and observe all those emotion. Be grateful for your partner since he is there to be your mirror.

Remember about law of attraction; you will attract a person with similar inner quality.

You will be surprise when you patient enough and observe all those things; then you will be able to detach between you and the emotion. More you observe more you detach and suddenly in the beautiful morning you will see your partner eyes to find nothing but love, and compassion there. You will see your face reflected there; pure, glowing, beautiful without any stains of those old things that has been burdening you.

And your partner; he sees nothing in your eyes only his purity and glowing face. The love relationship has evolved and changes into the higher realm, more conscious with more loving quality.


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