• Challenges me to do my best.
  • Sets a good example.
  • Explains the reasons for instructions & procedures.
  • Helps me polish my thoughts before I present them to others.
  • Is objective about things.
  • Lets me make my own decisions.
  • Cares about me & how I’m doing.
  • Does not seek the limelight.
  • Won’t let me give up.
  • Gives personal guidance & direction, especially when I’m learning something new.
  • Is empathetic & understanding.
  • Is firm but fair.
  • Keeps a results-orientation.
  • Makes me work out most of my own problems or tough situations, but supports me.
  • Lets me know where I stand.
  • Listens exceptionally well.
  • Doesn’t put words in my mouth.
  • Is easy to talk with.
  • Keeps the promises s/he makes.
  • Keeps me focused on the goals ahead.
  • Works as hard as or harder than anyone else.
  • Is humble.
  • Is proud of those managers s/he has developed.
  • Gives credit where credit is due.
  • Never says “I told you so.”
  • Corrects my performance in private.
  • Never flaunts authority.
  • Is always straight-forward.
  • Gives at least a second chance.
  • Maintains an open door policy.
  • Uses language that is easy to understand.
  • Lets bygones be bygones.
  • Inspires loyalty.
  • Really wants to hear my ideas & acts on them.
  • Lets me set my own deadlines.
  • Celebrates successes.
  • Is open & honest.
  • Doesn’t hide bad news.
  • Gives me enough time to prepare for discussion.
  • Is enthusiastic.
  • Follows through.
  • Is patient.
  • Wants me to “stretch” my skills.
  • Gives me his/her full attention during discussions, & won’t be distracted.
  • Has a sense of humor.
  • Handles disagreements privately.
  • Reassures me.
  • Makes me feel confident.
  • Tells me the “whole story.”
  • Says “we” instead of “I”.
  • Makes hard work worth it.
  • Can communicate annoyance without running wild.
  • Is courageous.
  • Insists on training.
  • Is a stabilizing influence in a crisis.
  • Gets everyone involved.
  • Wants me to be successful.
  • Is optimistic.
  • Operates well under pressure, or in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Has a reputation for competence with his/her own peers.
  • Has a good understanding of the job.
  • Is tough & tender.
  • Believes we can do it.
  • Sets attainable milestones.
  • Communicates philosophy & values.
  • Is perceptive; doesn’t believe that everything needs to be spelled out.
  • Has a strong sense of urgency.
  • Preserves the individuality of his/her team members.
  • Thinks & operates at a level above that expected.
  • Wants to make the organization the best in the industry.
  • Is willing to act on intuition; believes feelings are facts.
  • Empowers us.
  • Is there when we need her/him.
  • Enjoys his/her job.
  • Likes to spend time with us.

From “The One-Minute Manager”by Kenneth Blanchard

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  1. bambangpriantono said: Ya ampuunnnn hahahahahaa

    Lil, paling ora kan sithik-sithik tapi yang bisa membuat sistem berjalan sesuai dengan peraturan yang berlaku contone: karyawan dibayar benar, karyawan diperlakukan adil, karyawan tidak dibiarkan kekurangan uang jalan, dll intine yo ojo mikir posisine udele dhewe hahhahahahahaAku malah berharap para pimpinan dho moco njur stroke hahahaah


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