Bob Is Always My Baby

Bob, a cat that I have adopted for the past four years, has been my dear. I consider him my dear son that I will take care of as long as he lives.

Now I am away and he is “home”. What I meant by home is that my maid is home and available for him for food and shelter.

I probably do not trust my maid 100% but I really don’t have alternative of what I should do to ensure that Bob is well fed and under shelter safely. I want the best for him when I am around as well as in absence of mine. How I love you, Bob.

I am watching “Rise of The Planet of the Apes” and my mind goes from where I am – Bogor – to Tangerang, Bob’s and my home. How human beings do so much for themselves by defying the life of other creatures. They manipulate other creatures’ life for the benefits of humans’ life. And, they never care that the other creatures actually have their right to survive the way each creature should do. A limit to protect themselves have evolved into human being’s greed to claim that the universe and what’s in it are theirs. By claiming what’s not theirs, human beings take control of every one with unlimited wish.

Whatever it is in my thought and feeling, I miss my cat, my adopted son. I love you, baby. Be strong and healthy. I am here with a heart full of love reaching you…

Bogor – September 29, 2012

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