Love Across The Border

I am away from home.

I am far away from family.


My closest family is Bob – a stray cat I adopted about five years ago when I was living in a rented room in Tangerang. Bob came to my landlady’s house every afternoon when I got home. I used to sit on one sofa inside or outside the house when he started to look at my chewing mouth.

“Are you hungry, cat?” From then on I never forgot to bring some food for him.

Now he is with my mom, in her village — 1,921 kilometres away from Singapore.

He is a spoiled son of mine. Almost all of my mom’s neighbours know that Bob is my “son” and they never dare disturb – if only all knew. Some don’t know and they would do things bad if they feel my cat (or any other cats) don’t behave… Oh man…. You behave please, a cat purely behave – you just don’t know.


I post Bob’s pictures on my fridge’s body and on the board of my workstation. I will greet his face in the photos everyday when I am in town. When I am traveling I kiss and smile at his saved pics in my smartphone. I feel like Bob is never far from me. My love and care for him is just the same from the first time I trained him to get used to my skin by touching on my toes on his body until finally he is fond of being caressed and stroked.

I sometimes salute him a Namaste from here just to whisper to his soul that we are never apart. Oh, what a special cat he is. Yes, indeed.

Bob was the only friend of mine when everybody did not want to be with me. Bob was the one staring at me when I was crying alone in my house. Bob was the one reminding me when there was someone climbing up to my house rooftop and saved me. Bob was the one who reminded me that there is always a soul caring…. And, he is the one making me so much full of energy in earning money. I sent some money to my mom to buy some food for him and of course for my mom…. 🙂 So simple my motivation, it is just a cat and a woman.

This Chinese New Year I hope I can go back home again to see Bob. I will let him know that my love to him is across the border. Not just a river I can sail across but it is the sky that I fly across to find good life for him.

Hi Bob, thanks for being my dear son for the past five years. Please behave, be healthy and live long. I always miss you….

Yio Chu Kang Rd – January 17, 2014 – 10:13pm


It was when he was sick before I went to a business trip for 3 days, I put him in an animal clinic that did not take care of him as well as I expected. Well, it was then…. Now he is ok with my mom and sisters.

Responsible Choices

Life is about choices, many people say. Not easy to choose the best one though.


My life is also full of choices. Every single day is between what in one hand and what in the other. Always two: this or that, here or there, now or never….

Am I thinking too much when I remember the day when I was so nervous and sorry for having chosen wrongly. Choose wrongly? What have I done? Many.

Thought I chose the wrong man that we broke up even with no strong ground. The worst relationship was actually the mostly-hoped-to-be-long-lasting; the guy literally dumped me because he just told me through short-message-service that “it is over”. Painful?

Thought I worked to wrong boss because that very good friend turned to be the most wicked vixen on earth — no wisdom I found at all when she became a boss. I left the company bringing a bunch of regret and wounds. How could one of best friends treat people like shit?

Thought I made a mistake when taking this current job because I learned that the stress was very high and being perfection is like an occult. I felt the stress and just wanted to go home. Even 5-star facilities could not help. What I experienced was chains of pressure and  underestimation.

Thought I took care of myself the best I could. I thought I took care of my cat the best I could. I thought I did, I thought I didn’t….


All I thought are now turning into what I personally call “my glorious ordinary” — something in daily life so ordinary but making me gain victory every single day, no regret only big lessons.

The unfair relationship has taught a girl to be a more mature woman that would never let any man to just do whatever he wants to pretend to love her. A mature woman who still believes that freedom is not only man’s privilege; it is also woman’s right. My choice is right.

Working in a historical office with unskilled boss would make an ex employee aware that to be a leader someone has to be able to lead one’s self. Management becomes very urgent. Never let others decide what you believe is right and do what you believe is right. That lousy boss has even strengthened one’s character. My choice is right.

Working in a place where people want to gain perfection is one of honorable positions. It doesn’t make people become better than the rest but at least it makes people believe that they have the right to do their best. No need to be shiny in the world and get the big name but of doing stupid things but just to be glowing in the heart by being useful to people. My choice is right.

Making choice should be responsibly.

Won’t ever let myself choose irresponsibly like torturing animals that have nothing but receiving whatever human beings want to do about this earth. Never. Animals are also fellow creatures. Let’s love them the way we love ourselves….. Why don’t we start stopping violence to animal by adopting stray dogs or cats? Or, even by buying product (including cosmetics) that don’t apply animal testing.


Picture borrowed from

Won’t let myself make someone do things without any good reasoning. You want people to be good? What is good? Tell them why they should be that good. If they want, that’s good. If not, that’s good but there should be risk of not doing good.

Things are changing but no need to worry because change does not define us. Choice defines us.

Let’s choose with love. What is that? Choosing responsibly:

Choosing to not force our violent behavior to the weak. Choosing to amend regret by seeing the learning part of life steps. And letting fellow creature think of why we are choosing then letting them choose….

Life is full of choices and today I believe I choose the best way to express section of my  unconscious mind here now….

Singapore – January 11, 2104 – 1:42am

2014 Resolution

It is the fourth day of 2014 and I haven’t stated my Resolution in this beloved site.

I can say I have been so thankful to this very life. It has granted me with all ups and downs full of lessons of joy. I met a lot of super people – super means nothing but people with beautiful heart  open enough to welcome my existence even only one single second of their very breath. I’ve encountered a lot of challenges that make my mind even calmer and my spirit even filled with more bliss. I have done good things, and for more people for sure. Thanks, Universe….


Picture borrowed from

This year — 2014 — was started with a celebration of love. I celebrated the New Year’s Eve in a public place among thousands of people but I was not disturbed with the crowd. I enjoyed my being alone in the middle of the cheering and shouting people. I saw the fire work hit the air with its sparks and booms!!! I enjoyed it.

I cheered, too when those fire works crackled in the free sky. It was like a reflection of my own self that wanna be free like the fountains of light falling down to the Marina Bay.

Aha! My resolution….

In this 2014, I want to embrace the most delicious phenomenon in existence: FREEDOM.

Freedom of owning my own self.

See you in the next crossroad, buddies!

Singapore – January 4, 2014 – 15:49

Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter

Picture borrowed from

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