Reading many blogs about selfie, I got caught by a wish to have more self-portrait photographs. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Historically, I love to be taken picture of and to take pictures.  Doing selfie? I have made some even 6 years ago when I needed a pic for office ID badge. Pity I can’t retrieve the pic in my old laptop. Even I made some selfie using self-timer function in my old Nikon earlier than the ID badge pic – developing the selfie was another fun time by then. Anyway, looking beautiful, sweet and casual in front of our own lens is sometimes amazing. Why not appreciating our own beauty rather than waiting for others to acknowledge it – knowing that it would happen once in a blue moon…. 🙂

Bob 9

This is one of my selfie, with dearest Bob.

But…. I just read one striking source about selfie: A study done in 2013 study of Facebook users found that posting photos of oneself correlates with lower levels of social support from and intimacy with Facebook friends (except for those marked as Close Friends). The lead author of the study suggests that “those who frequently post photographs on Facebook risk damaging real-life relationships.”

Posting intentionally unattractive selfies has also become common in the early 2010s—in part for their humor value, but in some cases also to explore issues of body image or as a reaction against the perceived narcissism or over-sexualization of typical selfies. (

Alamaaaak! Am I some part of the noted symptoms? Not often but more than once I posted my selfie to Facebook and Instagram — not consciously showing my exceeding narcissism or over-sexualization, but honestly I had nobody to ask to take my picture when I was at home just with Bob my dear cat son and when I was somewhere in another part of the globe where not only language but also confidence had become my communication barrier. Anyway, I took selfie and posted them into public…. Hey, not public! Limited friends! And, I only have 60 friends in Facebook. Is that still counted? Look like this person starts to be guilty and afraid of getting blamed on by the result of above research.   🙂


My selfie with Masako & her husband

Hmm…. Who cares about the research? I shouldn’t bother myself too much just because a summary of research was included in a Wikipedia page and this page is not scientifically valid as anyone can update any topic. And, I didn’t even fully read the research report.

So, selfie is still one possibility in my life. I’ll probably take picture using my dear iDevices or baby Nikon somewhere someday with or without somebody with me (non-physical being not expected, please).

Anyway, this is only part of my end-of-day sharing. Many to unload from my brain just to un-stuff unnecessary rubbish inside. Hmmm…. I think selfie can be just part of un-stuffing my humane burden. Ok, latter statement of mine is stronger than any statement from that research result…. 🙂

Oh, dear Selfie…..

If you are interested in reading the result of research, please click:

Bayan Lepas – November 3, 2014 – 11:41pm

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