It Is April And – haiku

It is April and
Two of my resolutions
Have wildly unmet.

Singapore – April 4, 2020 / 15:00

One of my 2020 resolutions is high price of my company stock price. And in the first quarter I’ve got to accept a bitter fact that it went down to a point that I could not tolerate. It was almost 50% dropped.
I can only hope that it soars up with magical wings slowly and surely. Better future is always the best probability.

The other one is holiday.
There won’t be a short holiday in the first half of the year. September will be without long holiday as there will be more things to cover in the second half of the year after this virus outbreak — if and only if this outbreak is settled by mid of the year.
I can only hope that next year I’ve still got time to have long even longer holiday. Always hoping for the best…. 🥰

This tiny creature called virus has shattered my ego, leaving me a powerless human being with dysfunctional plans and aborted wishes. I don’t blame that virus as they probably naturally live like that. Let’s just make sure that our body is not their nice cozy home to survive.

Thanks, Virus for reminding me to stay humane with all types of broken heart yet to stay alert that the smallest thing can be the most lethal.

I’m sending love to myself and to beloved Coronavirus….

May all beings be happy. 🙏

Simple Victory – haiku

Simple victory
Is completing ironing
After the laundry.

Stay home peacefully – 2020


Excessive happiness always catches me when I can finish all the laundry then iron all of them on the same day!

I’m proud of myself.

May all beings be happy! 🙏🏼


What’s The Best Part – haiku

What’s the best part of
Work from home? Cook my own meal,
Eat it, no complaint.

Singapore – March 23, 2020 / 22:13

And the key is NO COMPLAINT 😂🥰

May all beings be happy. 💝

featuring my “chicken opor” 😻


Why Are You Afraid – haiku

Why are you afraid
Of using the word love? Yet
You said “I love cake”.

Singapore – March 20, 2020 / 19:16

Some friends asked me why I like using the word “love”. They said I’m too much about love. I’m ok with using that word because word is mutually agreed in society to express emotion and/or idea to each other. So it is either emotion or idea, OR both emotion and idea. So don’t get me wrong…. Not that I’m selling love in clearance sale everywhere but it is just me loving to love many things including what I do….! And, it is never too much to love….. only if you understand.

Some people say:
I love reading
I love apple
I love my country
I love my dress
I love pink
What’s wrong with love?
Are you allergic to love?
Can you feel love?
Maybe you only know lust, not love

Above sentences with the word love are so normal to me, should be to you if you are normal. 😌

One of my best friends said “word can become sick” – it is when the word is not used because people are afraid of being judged because of using that word; and the way we heal the word is by using it with compassion and not leaving it when we are supposed to use it. If selecting a diction has hampered you from expressing true feeling or idea, you’ve gotta look within because the word feels sick to the human beings who are sick!

If you are afraid of saying I love you to your mom, there might be a twist of emotion in you.

If you think love is only between two people romantically, you’d better start healing your own self because you may be sick…. 😁

Gotta enjoy my wonderful weekend…. with love…. 💝

May all beings be happy…. 🙏🏼🥰


Song of The Day – my mood

While working from home
You need a real break. This song
Rocks. It’s a Pop though.


Working from home can be fun when it is once in a while. But no office interaction, no traveling, sitting at home in front of your machine for one full month takes not only love to your job as life dedication but also high self discipline that you can only earn with rigorous training. And this time I still need a booster. Music has worked wonder for the past one week especially this song.

Either YouTube or Music in my iPhone has been a real tool to cheer me up. And Rizky Febian, this young talent has made either of them magic!

Today I played this song I don’t know how many times – Heaven knows. If the singer had to sing live, he must have lost his voice and bored to die! 😁

Thanks for making me realise that only love can make me stay with everything — love to people, love to humanity, love to lifelong learning, love to be my own self….

May all beings be happy! 🙏💕


Please Stay Calm, Humans – haiku

Please stay calm, humans.
This state of fear might extend.
Hey! It has an end.

Singapore – March 13, 2020 / 21:00


In current situation I find some real nature of human beings and how they cope with a stressful situation. Some glue themselves to their selfishness by excessively buying stocks of logistics in the name of saving for rainy days, some rant and nag as if whatever the Govt have done is never enough, some keep being as crazy as if nothing happens, some others keep calm, some others become calmer, some others are afraid to death, etc….

So what?
Everyone copes with stress in different way. I don’t blame them for doing what they have done. However, I prefer pushing my happiness to an extreme level. I’m happy and thankful that I’m still healthy and active now. I prefer smiling to as many colleagues/neighbours/passers-by or at least not looking so bitter, being kind to as many people as I can; and most importantly letting myself feel that however worst a situation outside of me will be, I can always go within and find peace and calmness here….

God bless all of us.

May all beings be happy. 🙏🏼

Staying Home Longer – haiku

Staying home longer
Is such a bless. She’s happy.
Thanks, trip postponement.

Singapore – March 11, 2020 / 7:50am

My March will be with less packing and unpacking. Two trips to Japan have been postponed until situation is well settled. It means a lot to me: walking more, cooking more, going to gym more, meet-up more, sketching more, reading more, all is more except eating – no eating more!

Sometimes others’ hell can be someone else’s heaven. I’m not happy with the COVID-19 but honestly it has blessed me with awareness of self health and more time to stay home. 🥰

I pray that the situation will be well settled soon.

May all beings be happy….

They Prefer Dying – haiku

They prefer dying
To living with a big heart
Full of guilt and love?

Singapore – March 7, 2020 / 16:00


One of my good friends called me yesterday ranting why I should put unnecessary personal risk by allowing myself to continue business trip to one particular country during this COVID-19 outbreak, while others decided to drop their trips there.

“Rijk, you’re just a statistic. If you die, hundreds will fight for this hot seat. And life goes on without you because you are just a bit of trillions of forgotten memories.”

“I just feel I’m very healthy and I’m gonna be fine.”

“One last reminder: a rose will only be remembered when it dies.”

“You are scaring me? You mean I will die because of the virus?”

“Yes, in a way that you should not be a fool today just to avoid busy end of year. You never know what’s going on. That country will never disclose the real situation. Look! Historically their ancestors preferred ending their life in an irresponsible escapade entitled as honoured suicide to making peace with their own life. They can’t bear guilt or shame. Hey, Rijk remember they might not be able to bear love. So better think twice about your adoration to anything or anyone from that country. Hahahaha….!”

Bloody cold-hearted friend!!!

My head shakes. Should I cancel all my trips to that country?

My heart stands still. I will be fine and I’m going.

May all beings be happy…. 🙏🏼

It’s On My Way Home – haiku

It’s on my way home
There is a road not taken.
Mine is the right one.

Singapore – Mar. 3, 2020 / 17:45

There are times I’ve gotta make a choice, the best of mine. Mine is always the right one because there is no correct or incorrect – there are only right and left…. 🤪


There’s Nothing Too Much – haiku

There’s nothing too much.
It is just you who don’t have
The capacity.

Here now 🥰

Some people underestimate others by saying “that’s too much”. It is not always the case….

Some people say “that’s too much” just because they can’t digest that “too much” with their capacity.

So, if your brilliance gets “that’s too much” comment, step back and look. You’ll find those people’s capacity is way too low and can’t reach your level.

May all beings be happy.

Screenshot 2019-12-07 at 3.28.37 PM

What Should I Do Now? – haiku

What should I do now?
When the brain’s frozen, rotten–
Reset to zero.

Singapore – Feb. 24, 2020 / 7:45pm

What will people do when finding that there is one big mistake laying as the base of the whole life? Like when someone finds that the way s/he perceives god has changed…. I can imagine how chaotic his/her life is.

The only thing to do is to reset to zero.
Don’t think,
Don’t judge,
Don’t evaluate,
Don’t ask question.
Just observe any thought or question,
Look into self,
Accept what it is,
Be with yourself,
Embrace who you are.

Karma is a bitch
Yet the worst is when the bitch reminds you for payback.
Don’t let your next life is the repeated, unfinished lessons
That will punish you again and again,
That will make you stupid person again and again.

Better meet the bitch now and pass the test.

May all beings be happy.


Thanks for the picture to:

Three Cats In One Day – haiku

Three cats in one day
Challenged what sharing’s about:
Sacrifice or deed?

Bali – February 21, 2020 / 22:13

Cat seems to be a natural attraction for me, either I’m attracted to them or they are to me. Good thing is cat is sweet and adorable so I (almost) never reject cat.

Today I found at least three cats; six actually but only three were framed through the camera, the rest were too fast to catch or too serene to disturb.

Cat has taught me a lot of thingS especially about how to be relaxed yet of fully alarmed at the same time. My first pet cat, Bob was the best teacher on those two things – hope he is now happy across the bridge seeing me more and more relaxed with my own self. What he did was true sincerity, not a mathematical take and give. Thank you, Bob Kucing!

May all beings be happy.
May all feline be adorable and loved.


Ma’am, You Are Off Spec – haiku

Ma’am, you are off spec.
What do you mean, I asked them.
“I’m sorry, just saying.”

Kuala Lumpur – Feb. 18, 2020 / 18:07


When changing outlook, people will experience many different responses, or nothing at all if they are not either likeable or hatable. Both poles might respond to your change in contrary opinion: if you change in their favour, they will tell you you look better; if you shift away from their taste, they might tell you you could be better. Don’t worry if you are so so, they will ignore you and things go well.

I went to a supplier today and it was another first visit to the site since July when I was still “doing fine” according to their mindset. My colleague already hinted me of what comments I would get from the people from this particular company. She said I would be “audited”.

And, she was right.
Read through my conversation at lunch time – some details are omitted due to its level of sarcasm.

S (Supplier): Hey, Ma’am! Long time no see.
M (M): Hey!
S: What happened to you?
M: Nothing.
S: Your appearance?
M: Why?
S: You are off spec!
M: Am I a kind of laptop now? (laughing bitterly)
S: I mean you look better in previous style. I’m sorry just saying, not criticising.
M: Oh if that’s what you mean….
S: Bro! (calling his colleague who also knows me) What do you think of her? Better in previous or current look? Better previous, right? Right? (the other one smiled in embarrassment and said “before”). See, he said you are better in previous look! Aiyooo! What happened to you? Two people already said this! Why? Why? Why?
M: Thank you for your compliment. But more people said I’m better in current look.

I thanked God I finished my lunch when he interrogated me. If not, I would secretly sprinkle wasabi on his meal. I know he doesn’t eat Japanese food and it would make his day worse with wasabi in curry.

I walked back to the meeting room and still chuckled with the “You are off spec” 😂

Oh Love, I’m suitable working in an electronic company. God bless me…. 🥰😄

I Am A Lady – haiku

I am a lady,
Was born and grown in Java,
Will travel the globe.

Singapore – Feb. 11, 2020 / 19:45

I feel more and more feminine and I like it. I’m comfortable to be a woman although being a woman is not always easy in my original culture, Javanese. I am not a typical Javanese who are shy, withdrawal and submissive to the male and yes-yes-yes whether liking it or not. I will be in those mode in some situations but I don’t feel them as my nature. All those traits shall be presented as a response to a situation, not as a nature.

Once one very mean aunt said to me in a very sharp tone “You are not a Javanese lady yet, my child! Learn. No man will want to marry you if you are brave, confident and vocal.”

I didn’t say anything because I was just 12 at that time. I didn’t even know what was Javanese lady and marriage. What I knew was I played with girls and boys together.

She sounded cruel but she was right that no man has married me until now. She would say (if she happened to be alive today) to me it is because of my failure to be a Javanese lady; but if she were still alive, I would tell her politely that it may be because the men approaching me just failed to be a true gentlemen. I will not change myself into the Javanese lady characteristic that has been in a biased assumption in my community and family.

I never doubt myself to be what I am now – I might change but to better state. Moreover, I found a good reading that describes a Javanese woman in the eyes of a modern Javanese woman. It might not resonate 100% of what I consider a woman be but at least the way the writer positions herself helps me understand why I never fitted the boxes brought to me before.

What an enlightenment!

Thank you Google for bringing me to Staying True As A Javanese Woman

….. and maybe this too if you wonder how an ideal Javanese woman should be in different perspective: Ideal Javanese Woman???.

Life is full of magic and I’ve always found the magic to be a female from my beautiful archipelago.

May all beings be happy.


Screenshot 2020-02-11 at 8.00.36 PM

People Won’t Get It – haiku

People won’t get it.
They don’t have to. Let it flow.
Life’s to experience.

Singapore – Feb. 9, 2020 / 21:11

When I felt hurt, I would say to someone why he was so mean to me even when I didn’t do harmful things to him. I realised that I was not supposed to say that because he was doing it to protect himself, to serve his need, to love himself. I probably would do what he did in the same situation…. Hmm no, I wouldn’t though ☺️

Though feeling guilty, I won’t apologise because he probably doesn’t need my apology, he probably also understands why some statements bursted in such situation. Or the worst scenario, perhaps he doesn’t even want to have contact with me forever. It doesn’t matter, some people’s cave is just much deeper to reach in. All maybe….

Human beings’ Life is full of ups and downs that are only understood by the individual. Even the closest friends who know him/her won’t totally get it. So why do I have to persuade someone to explain oneself to me? I might not get it either just like my friends don’t get what’s truly my experience.

Dear Self, take a break. I’m tired of fighting. I want to float like all those stuff flowing with the river to the ocean….

May all beings be happy….



Can You Pack It Well? – haiku

Can you pack it well?
It takes forever to do
If you’re amateur.

Singapore – Feb. 3, 2020 / 20:31

My nephew is flying back to Indonesia tomorrow morning – he spent 5 days taking over my bed snoring and shopping around useless things just to celebrate his belated 18th birthday that was supposed to be December 2019.

Now he was busy stacking all his clothes and shopped items into his medium luggage. He wanted to show me that he was capable without my help so I didn’t offer my help until finally he gave up….

“Can you help me hold the other end of the luggage?”

“No, not only holding the other end but you need total help. Let’s repack, boy.”

He didn’t agree but finally followed my instruction on unpacking all, stacking things first then inserting the next things later.

Packing is like putting on clothes for me. Perhaps packing and unpacking luggage shall be part of my official job description. So don’t try to beat me for packing things into luggage or trunk. I can pack things very nicely in quite short time. But don’t ask me to pack things into backpack — I give up. I still think traveling in backpack is super fun except that the clothes will be crumpled making me look even messier and my back will ache…. I wish I’m naturally cute and strong. 😊

“Let me do this luggage ‘coz I’m one of those professional luggage packers, boy. Pack your own backpack, I am not accountable for that….”

“So, you don’t help me with this? What kind of aunt are you?”

“Honest one. God bless me, Vito!”


Of course God bless you, too dear nephew. Safe flight.


Don’t Be Sad Too Long – haiku

Don’t be sad too long.
Those who died don’t always die.
They live in our heart.

Singapore – Jan. 31, 2020 / 23:18


Rest In Peace, Kobe Bryant.
You are loved, you are remembered.


For the one who is deeply saddened by Kobe’s passing away, please release your emotion. Please be sure Kobe is in a better place, playing heavenly basketball with Gigi and the angels.

Rekindle Kobe in your heart and embrace Kobe’s good quality as part of yours.

May all beings be happy….

Pee Kay


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