Magic Ears

There’s a prancing deer
To tiger forgetting fear.
A striped body’s near.
Luck! The dear has magic ears.
It dashes and disappears.


It Does Well

It sways flexibly
In stormy days.
It grows calmly
In sunny days.
It roots perennially
In the meadow.

It sings;
It hums;
It mutes;
It sees;
It hears;
It touches;
It tastes;
It smells;
In silence

It does well.

these flowers survive the storm and continue living in bright days on and on and on between those two situations only through a friendship with the meadow 💝

Charlie Chaplin to Us

Laughter is the breeze caressing the hair waving to the morning sun.

A posting landed on my Instagram’s Home, it was Charlie Chaplin’s small details that are meaningful to me who love to laugh but often fail to make jokes. Most of my jokes are garing (crispy-dry, not funny; Bahasa Indonesia slang). 😁


Fast Food

No food for dinner, no food tapao (take away food, Singlish & Manglish) from office cafe…. So, I was thinking of buying food online.


I found some chicken in the freezer, a lot of herbs in the basket and coincidentally picked some blimbing wuluh from the condo’s public herb garden on my way home. So garang asem or chicken in herbal coconut milk was the best decision for (late) dinner. While ideally garang asem should be wrapped in banana leaf, it was not today in my kitchen. All was just my style…. 😘

So is there really fast food? To me fast food is whatever can be cooked from whatever in the storage with no rush. 30-45 minutes is almost the same with the length of delivery time for a bowl of pho or ramen or a plate of biryani or a box of Korean chicken or a package of Indonesian anything food.

And it was super freshly fragrant delicious chicken in herbal coconut milk in the universe! 😁

I love Javanese cuisine!

Thank you for today!


there’s public herb garden right above level 1 parking area and anyone can enjoy the crop reasonably – thank you for your idea, blimbing wuluh

More pictures of blimbing wuluh

while waiting for lemongrass to arrive, other ingredients were sitting nicely on the cutting board 😍 not so fresh yet i love all of them 😍
this chicken from the freezer must come out before the CNY holiday next week! 😘
it should have been wrapped chicken in herbs but no fresh banana leaves to wrap and the amateur chef was too tired to go detailed 😁
tada! chicken in herbal coconut milk was served for dinner; the left over? for tomorrow’s lunch box 😘

About garang asem

Pink Roses

Pink roses in a vase welcome seven cold guests, turning them to smiles.

an innocent staff put these roses in a vase to welcome us; she said the roses were grown in the dorm garden, which we found true; what a sweet gesture 💝 (Nagano, 2014) — we should have smiled more widely to her 😁 see you again this year

Pak Gita & dr. Ryu

Good morning, from where I am.

why I like this neurologist? super smart and will make people feel like his friends and help us learn/unlearn/relearn based on science 👍🏼 he said in this podcast “reading is not important to all, it is important to those curious about science” 👍🏼 he also believes life is about collaboration rather than competition 👍🏼 but his tongue is spicy and salty to those trying to weakly challenge his arguments 😁

Love Birds Tweet

Silence sits among storm, won’t sit in a temple. She’s been far away happy, leaving two love birds tweeting noisily.

Some people don’t want happy ending for everyone but themselves and won’t stop communicating their hostility in any other way even when they know they have won the game. Oh! Perhaps they never know what victory is, they misunderstand it with justification.


is it the note, the clef or the heart shape or the space the illustrator wants to emphasise? many will (mis)interpret based on their own experience or even assumption, exactly like a literature which is interpreted differently and the literary person smiles wide as she knows the more interpretations are awarded to a poem, the more successful the poet is — 😘😎

Ode to Day

Dear, day.
Do you know that I never stop waiting for you?
When my watch ticks a second,
My heart drips a note,
My pulse vibrates softly,
I know I am closer to you.

Dear, day.
Do you know that every part of you blesses me?
When morning breaks,
Noon flares,
Dusk fades to night,
I know the next you is waiting
For me.

Day oh day
Many I can’t understand,
Much I can’t decipher,
Little I can see,
Very few I can give
Yet I still hope
To meet you again.

Dear, day.
How I am blessed with family,
Gifted with friends,
Sufficed with this self,
You are still the one
Sung by this heart.
All have been today
And never faded away.

I am blessed, day
With another you
In the best way.

And for you
I am grateful.

as dark as serene night
as shadowy as calm dusk
as bright as each and every morning
she is well protected under the shade of glorious sunflowers 💝
dear sunflower 💕
and the white drops of details
when all glass vases are prioritised for orchid roots, fondue pot be today’s best choice 💝
all must be got rid of in order for the flower arrangement to get a spacious and “clean” background — there is always thing to prioritise; if it is not you, don’t feel bad — it’s just like that everyday so just be blessed with becoming either 0 or 1 in this binary world 💕

Love Diaries in A Library

This life is a library
Keeping all collections,
Reference to public,
Exclusive to a lover,
One lover.

Any scrolls
In this library.

The diaries
In the secret dungeon.

With naked eyes, or
With any glasses on the shelves.

Through letters and numbers,
Shapes and colours.

This library is open
As long as you are awake.

Before you sleep
When I’ll be reading you through.

my earlier diaries are true stories through naked eyes; the later are colours, shapes, numbers, words in various styles and figures of speech needing some tricks and tips to sense layers of meanings and information — we are all writers, librarians and readers 💝

About the photo

Free Will

Free will? What is that? This breath is what you blow in to me to love you.

Realising more and more that her life is free of free will; she needs causes and reasons to do anything she does even for her brain to think about what things to think of— there is a bond invisible and invincible.

She surrenders to the bond. 💝

Happy weekend.


two new buds not coming out of free will 🥰 there are reasons, there are causes


In a bright corner she’s seen. The sun sends her light reflecting bright life.

this is more than enough to put me in a good mood after a long trip; she delivers a stem of buds after moved to a corner where sun greets her directly — thank you!


How many tastes can she experience in joy? 5 or 7?

Realising that the best taste is not any of those 5 or 7; the best taste is only 1: to love. 😊

Days of love be like…

well done beef
sate kambing (lamb skewer)
ayam geprek (smashed chicken)
nasi rames (combined dish riced)
gado-gado (vegetables in peanut sauce)
lumpia sayur (vegetable spring rolls)
pisang goreng (fried banana)
the baked and cherry
the baked and blueberry
mango 💝 and pumpkin seeds


Friday, this bright light blinks to the eyes not stopping staring at the heart.

Masjid Istiqlal — after more than 10 years
shollu ‘alannabiy 💝
waiting for a friend who said “let’s meet up in Istiqlal Mosque, Thursday night welcoming Friday would be a good night to pray for beautiful 2023” 💝

Magical Rain

Water slides down the green swiping dryness. Rain sprays the earth with 

all that is not yet explained by science appears like magic to me — the biggest magic to me is love that has brought me to clearer vision about people and everything around them 💕

When traffic is magically clear in Greater Jakarta, arriving (too) early is part of blessings. Good morning…! Good morning, early birds!

Don’t Skip The Waiting

The seed doesn’t sleep. It pushes up out of soil bringing new green life.

Receiving an email from an airline (in the middle of a meeting) that I missed its morning flight today, I felt like getting a slap on the face yet right away felt lucky to be assisted by our company’s travel department to fly in the only-flight-with-available-seat this evening. I was put as a “stand-by” (#2 not #1) as all authorized flights were fully booked. Thank you!!! 🤩

No rush? Luckily I did pack clothes in vacuum bags earlier and other needed supplies ready to pack, people were happy when meetings were postponed to the next day, this person always takes a bath in the morning. But…. The hair had to compromise – not ready to shine as daily shampoo is sometimes skipped when the hair bearer is working from home. It doesn’t matter, good day is not always perfect.

1st in my trip history and won’t want to repeat it at any situation. Bismillah! 💕

Thanks much for all the blessings!

Lessons learnt: click the correct colour codes in iCal, set alarm 24 hours before a flight, don’t arrange many calls before a flight, just remember, just don’t forget, just don’t forget, always thank for all the help from any possible support and don’t skip daily shampoo! 🙂

waiting lounge is for waiting, not to rush so wait patiently and don’t forget any planned trip! 🥰
when stomach waits too long and can’t wait any longer 😊
some people just love to skip the waiting, I will never 🙏🏼