September 28, 2016
rike jokanan

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My Goodness – headache to the max!

This below video clip by “The Law” was sent by a friend. We’ve never thought of how a rap group (vocal? band? what? never heard of “The Law”) could sing a negative song, a set of negative lyrics about two women (Maia & Meichan of Duo Maia) who truly achieve very high position in Indonesia music world. Only hatred could generate this work.

Just wanna say…. What you sow, what you reap!
This group is over, might never get up again…. I pity their start cum end….

To Maia and Meichan: Good Luck here and after! You have the beauty, the talent and the attitude. Love, love, love…..

These are the lyrics as sung by “The Law”.

Now throw ur hand in the air buat duo maia
Jari tengah di udara buat duo maia
Middle finger’s in the air buat duo maia
Baladewa sluruh dunia acungkan jari tengahmu

Check this, check this You don’t wanna miss
Gw gak pengen menghujat atau berlaku sinis
Tapi duo maia yang katanya formasi baru
Buat gw contoh buruk yang gak pantas ditiru

Gaya harajuku lu lebih mirip cewe brengsek
Ibu tiga anak kok gayanya seperti bom sex
Ngaku jadi musisi tapi kemampuan cetek
Mendingan gw nonton mulan jadi bintang obat ketek

Kemampuan dan skill lu cuma setahi upil
Gw sumpahin album lu gak bakalan berhasil
Tampang vokalis lu kaya bintang bokep miyabi
Kok kaya mirip cewe yang lagi masturbasi

Gw denger-denger sih lu kan ngakunya sarjana
Tapi klakuan minus kaya cewe gak bragama
Gak becus ngurus anak, ngandelin pengacara
Wajar kalo cinta suami lu tertinggal di malaysia

You had all the money, you had all the fame
You had a good family and you have a good man
Tapi lu masih ngotot lu pengen jadi artis
Lu kaga punya bakat semua lagu lu najis

Untung aja lu masih punya suami yang sabar
Walaupun sifat lu tuh udah kaya cewe bar bar
Lu tau rumah tangga lu udah mau bubar
Tapi lu malah minta duit dua ratus milyar

Now throw ur hand in the air buat duo maia
Jari tengah di udara buat duo maia
Middle fingers in the air buat duo maia
Baladewa sluruh dunia acungkan jari tengah (2x)

Ini babak yang baru cobalah kau dengarkan
Semua orang tau lu tuh mabuk ketenaran
Kalo lu emang bener bener punya kemampuan
Kenapa takut bersaing sama dewi dewi dan mulan

Gw suka dewi dewi apalagi mulan
Gw juga suka ratu waktu vokalisnya pingkan
Tapi sekarang vokalisnya kok diganti mei chan
Doi gak pantes nyanyi doi pantesnya mecun

Lebih baik mei chan lu kirim aja ke batam
Gw yakin lebih laku jadi PSK malam
Karena di musik dia gak punya masa depan
Republik cinta bakal bikin lu semua tenggelam

Mulan jameela udah ninggalin ratu
Album dewi dewi masih yang paling laku
Andra and the backbone yang jadi nomer satu
Gw kasih jempol terbalik buat albumnya ratu

Udah deh mendingan cepetan lu insaf
Sebelum baladewa indonesia pada khilaf
Ini cuma nasihat we still love you anyway
Kalo lu kaga suka HOO! E-G-P

Now throw ur hand in the air buat duo maia
Jari tengah di udara buat duo maia
Middle fingers in the air buat duo maia
Baladewa sluruh dunia acungkan jari tengah mu (2x)


A building like a dragon in the city – September 28, 2016 – 15:32

September 24, 2016
rike jokanan

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Integrity – note

Working is like breathing for some people. They dedicate their days and night to perfect their skills and knowledge of a focused thing. No boredom is considered, no tiresomeness is truly felt. Their life is integrated in their very life.

I met many brilliant people in my field of work. They are their jobs, doing their work to a perfection. Amazing journey to drive a success in a team, as if stress and pressure are just a hiccups after a meal.

There is a thing making me appreciate my job: that it helps me find other part of my self I didn’t even think of before. How would you feel when you find that you’re able to do things excellently here, while years ago people might underestimate you for not capable of doing it? How would you feel that you are well appreciated, while you were just ignored by people who think they are much better than you? It is just a kind of thanksgiving! You are blessed for finding your own diamond mine.

Is it? Yes, it is.

But ya…. Some people are just so negative about you. Whatever you say are misinterpreted or even twisted by others to save their own ass. I still see some like that but I believe they are here for a reason.

Those people won’t take me down. They are taking themselves down. 

Those people won’t win their strategy because they don’t have integrity.

Those people just won’t make their ambition happen. They just won’t with their current deceit.

My heart is pounding of being angry but I take a deep breath: pull a gulp of air to my belly and breathe like a baby…. I let go of my anger like a baby meeting mother’s breast. I let go of my fury like a child getting back her doll. I’m letting go off this heavy emotion.

Duh Gusti, life is beautiful….

Temasek – September 24, 2016 – 2:32am

September 21, 2016
rike jokanan

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Constant – haiku

Human is humane.

When not, all others suffer.

It is just constant.
Whatever we human beings do affect others as we are now the Master of the Earth. The word “master” might not be suitable anymore to cure Mother Earth and its dweller including ourselves. Mother Earth is sick because huma beings are sick and in order to get cured, we human should move to a new position – from master to protector.

We are the Protector of the Earth, of the rest of the dwellers on it: the animals, the plants, the in between….

Owner of the Verses, look at us….. Universe, look at us…. Mother Earth, look at us. We do many things harmful and we are sick because of it. Help us stop ourselves. Help us activate the Chi….

Yaa Wasii…. Yaa Latief…. Ya Rabb….

Singapore – September 21, 2016 – 07:42ami

September 16, 2016
rike jokanan

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Circle – haiku

Moving a circle,
Connecting two dots: She is
Making a Zen Art.



I am the one holding Zen Art T-shirt and Zen Art painting. The smiling lady is the artist – the one making the Zen Art.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – September 16, 2016 – 00:30am

September 12, 2016
rike jokanan

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Purified Soul – haiku

Flesh, blood won’t ascend.
Your sacred, good breath and deed
Are reaching Heaven.

Eid Mubarak!
I’m spraying the earth and all sacrificed beings with love….
Your life is loved & purified, ready to depart to the next cycle….
May you be good beings with good Karma.
Atma namaste….

Rike to the Earth & sacrificed Beings.

Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar….
Laa ilaaha illallaaahu Allaahu Akbar….
Allahu Akbar wa lillaahil Hamd.


Temasek, September 12, 2016 – 1:05am

August 28, 2016
rike jokanan

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Angkor Wat – old city

I visited Angkor Wat, Siem Reap of Cambodia last week with three of my friends – Mbak Roh, Mbak Endang and Agnes. We did quasi backpacking – why quasi? Well, we decided to travel light – they flew AirAsia which tickets were purchased one year ago – but pack things in pretty luggage.

We stayed in a cheap inn of USD35.5 per night instead of fancy Park Hyatt or Le Meridien and took tuk-tuk everyday instead of rented car. It was a cool journey!

Some pictures captured show the joy! Enjoy!

Singapore – August 28, 2016 – morning….

August 16, 2016
rike jokanan

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Decision Around The Corner

And the fork of a road
To be travelled

And the destinies of life
To be reset

And it’s time to clean
All clutters in the space
For the self to breathe….

In silence
Let’s listen to secret apology, false reasonings, unwinding anger which coil a body like DNA building its blueprint.

In silence
Words are shooting like meteors falling across the skies burning what’s possible. So be it….

Hey, Traveller!
You can walk through own path.
No worry….

‘Coz you should t walk with those who claimed loyalty but hitting you on the neck when a thief was trying to snatch your pendant.

And the Sun, Air, Water, Soil, Wind…. On Fire


Turn to your own way.
And, so be it.

Salaam Ya Salaam
Salaam Ya Rahman
Salaam Ya Rahiem


Singapore – August 16, 2016 – 02:20am

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