Runner Runs

Runner runs.

Indonesia!!! 💝


How are you, dear white?
Everything looks bright on white.
It’s clear on itself.


a white mug with ginger & honey tea 💝 get drunk with it and make all work excellent! ☺️

sterilised or warmed? whatever! loving warm white mug in my hand 💕

this champion is quiet when working and resting unlike me talking at work snoring at sleep 🥶

parrrtyyy! no, no, not my party; it belongs to one favourite cleaning lady

Pak Gita & Ibu Karlina Supelli

Thank you, Pak Gita for inviting Ibu Karlina Supelli. Just so thankful for listening to her lectures virtually since my young age 🙏🏼

This humble lady has made me realise that all is about being human.

Terima kasih, Ibu Karlina.

You are blessed.

astronomer, philosopher, human right fighter

Pigeon Orchids

Like pigeon
But not flying,
It spreads fragrance
Along the road I am on everyday.
This sense is trained
To breathe scent.
I am walking
Like pigeon.


all these years i thought only this tree is where my favourite pigeon orchid “lives”

i thought only this cluster!

even this morning i thought only this one! i kissed these

walking to the bus stop, i saw a lot more! on that tree across the street

in the tree ahead of me!

in another tree!

and another tree!

then i started seeing the pigeon orchids in almost all of trees along my favourite road! i am so blessed!

Water In Me

I’m water 
Humble enough to mold myself
To this pitcher.
This life’s a pitcher
Kind enough to tilt herself
To the river.

I’m water
Flowing by myself
In myself to the sea.
This’s the strongest soft
With what this rocky heart
Gets shaped through time.


water: naturally willing to be shaped, spiced up, scented, coloured, treated by temperatures — matured through stories 😃

Relaxing After Some Time

There’s a sanctuary
So intimate and cozy
Where I stay
When I feel so tense
Even by what’s called
Maybe this love’s fake
And so needing refinery.
This’s just a dream.

You’re never left,
I just want to stay away
From a silent charm.


…. enjoying my lunch today while staying away from many things but work 💝

a shelter that never betrays is reading

a shelter that never bores is a humble trip

a shelter that always enriches is a distant trip

a shelter that always excites is cooking

a shelter that can be misunderstood is writing, yet i do it anyway

All pictures are from Pinterest.

Dreams, Given Up?

Is she giving up?
She’s waiting for the right time.
Just another leap—



played Coldplay all day today as if their concert is happening in my living room 😁

gave up the queue because my medical treatment on May 19 was much more important; if i am healthy, i still can work to earn money for the next concerts somewhere else 🙏🏼 happy watching, all ticket war winners! you deserve your strategy whatever it was


Are the beats in my heart.
Whereabout your heart
Am I in?

Are the water of a vase.
Whereabout your vase
Am I of?

Are the -ness at my nothing.
Whereabout your thing
Am I at?

There is silence,
And it answers me through.
I am nowhere about

when the water is gone, all is dead only dried leaves and air 🙏🏼


A background
Is redone.
A painting
Is restarted
And again
And again.
Maybe one morning
She will restart
One more
And finally get it done.
There is peeping light
Highlighting the canvas
Glowing with a new story
Sweeter to tell.


i don’t know when this work is going to complete – it is constantly a new start because of the artist’s unprofessional insecurity

the recipient is impatiently waiting, a deadline must be set — ok, ok 🙏🏼

What Does Happiness Do To Them

Pak Gita in a compilation of what scholars and wise people say about happiness — some in Indonesian, some in English

Thanks for summing up. Thanks for inspiring. Thanks for living in the same era with me.

I think I can’t be more blessed to be reborn human being in this period of time as I am now.

May all beings be happy.

Thank you, Pak Gita! 🙏🏼


Essentially pure?
None. No distiller’s perfect
But time. Refining—

Smell might be my strongest sense. It gives me both pleasant and not so pleasant experiences in life. To share the experiences is of course an ultimate goal, yet it takes time to materialise it.

To start

Have you smelled the earth wetted by rain water?

Have you smelled the grass cut in the morning, noon and afternoon?

Have you smelled your parents’ clean clothes?

Try those and you’ll be amazed with the sensation brought to you.


goal: to distill essential oils for myself and those around me — this is gonna be a read-it-when-i-want-it book


A basket of fresh
Turns into a jar of fresh
For mind to refresh.

from this — pomelo, pineapple, mango, apple, rose apple and pomegranate

to this

added with this — not so spicy this time

both mixed into this — 45 minutes of washing, peeling, cleaning, grating fruit + grinding the palm sugar

this final packed fresh — one week + 2 days’ morning grated fruits

Wish You Win! (sharing)

I give up the war before I fight, that’s probably the best description about my response to the Coldplay’s Indonesia Concert ticket war on May 19.

It is a working day although coincidently I am taking a leave on that day; however, it is a medical leave to meet the specialist and receive regular medical treatment in the hospital. 🙃

I can just say May All Beings Be Happy. All the ticket war fighters to win their strongest wish!

I wish to watch them somewhere else or most preferably in England or Spain someday! Please long life for that. Yaaay!!! 🥰

Good luck, fighters! I am praying for us all!


who doesn’t like a humble person? two of them are and so i love them both 💝

May I?

May I
Sing a sweet song
Under glowing stars shooting
To leave their age?

May I
Sit silently
Under a quiet dusk rolling
To welcome dawn?

May I
Count the sheep
Under a dreamy night shining
To light a hope?

May I?


may I eat gyoza? left over from last batch — so pleasing to eat my own food, almost like heaven 😁

And It’s Fully Done

And it’s fully done:
An afternoon heavy snack.
Plated paradox—

beautiful and yummy, imperfect without chili yet what’s truly perfect in life?

deep fry above medium fire

soaked in beaten egg

rolled then tied

eggplant ribbons, minced chicken, spring onion, crushed garlic, pepper, salt and egg — less then one hour, after office heavy snack 🥰