Welcomed by a home with greenery to be cooked, she builds a sweet mood.
fridge gave me a surprise to make lunch – thanks for the left over of vegetables and beef 😁

Home Missed

There’s home that’s missed lingering around the heart. Let it in with joy.

slightly boring, yes — back home is the happiest 💝 i miss the kitchen, the orchids, the bikes, the books, the canvas, the paper and all that I can do in that tiny space
oooh and time to bring my luggage to its repair center 😘

Old Friends

There is memory shared around a round table at a starry night.

so blessed to meet friends — they said “Chinese food for dinner ok lah, Rijk, no pork lah no pork!” ok lah, everyone…. 😘 thank you! 🙏🏼

Two Towers

Towers will mostly collapse of weak foundation…. Or the strongest quake

Petronas Twin Towers from taxi 👍🏽
solanum on the reception table 💝
no one can make me feel not good if I don’t allow myself to – it’s a commitment as strong as tower with solid foundation, not only a lip service. KL, see you soon 🔥

Deep Sea

White foam on turquoise sweeps back to dark blue deeper to where secrets are.

dive more deeply to this deep sea and let yourself be greeted by the calmness and warmth of your own honesty and acceptance — there is something that doesn’t demand you to be anyone else but you 💗

Angels (sharing)

The wings are flapping sprinkling blessings through the air. Breathe them. Be blissful.

In Arabic angel is called malaaikatun or malaaikah or simply malaaikat (الْمَلٰٓئِكَةِ) literally meaning “power that governs”. In Islamic tradition the “power that governs” are grouped based on what type of assigned power they govern that are many and one of them is “power to govern protection”.

I always believe I am fully protected through the existence of the angels surrounding me although I am not interested to discuss about their form; people say angels have wings, others say they are made from light, some say malaaikah are systemic laws to run the universe, and so on and so forth. It doesn’t matter to me. That they exist and follow the assigned “power to govern” is enough for me.

Only when we listen, we will hear. We will hear the songs of the angels, the songs of universe, the songs of the heart, the songs of the soul. I prefer my angels to sing jazzy songs in this end of long weekend. 😁

Listening to heart…. 💗


‘ve met feathers almost everywhere walking recently; i took it as a sign that protection is everywhere and decided to always wear this silver pendant this year as an appreciation of the protection — thank you for the protection

Heaven & Earth

Does heaven and earth exist other than in a lover’s smile? Yes. Dream.

although not there, I still seek heaven and earth in you through my dream 🥰 happy new year to the other time zones until every spot on earth is covered by Jan 1, 2023

3 1st on Jan 1st

There is always first.
A tree greeting breeze and sky
Comes from minute seed.

1st breakfast to make
1st movie to (re)watch in 2023 – an energizing movie! always love Sandra Bullock
1st chore while 1st movie rewatch after 1st breakfast completed — more 1st things on Jan 1st of 1st long weekend in 2023 — i’m gonna love 2023 much 💗

Counting Blessings

There’s always blessing counted through breathing. Close eyes, the air prays for you.

this is enough for the whole day! no rice today 😊
1st plate for breakfast 💝 urap Jawa in cassava leaves, long bean, kecipir (square bean), carrot and sprout + raw long bean and damn kencur (fragrant ginger leaves)
that raw leaves are leaves of kencur (fragrant ginger), fragrant and refreshing 😊 the yellow leaf was not wasted😀
tempe and tofu, side dish that rocks! 😇

Days Hum with A Smile

Days hum with a smile,
Swiping hours of hunger
Leaving only joy.

opening the freezer, i found a bag of oxtail; bought 1kg even before the trip — ok, the best choice was making oxtail soup! 😎
1st serving – i love delicious oxtail soup! 💕
2nd one, there were 3 more — thanks god i don’t have cholesterol issue so it was a 2-day oxtail soup every meal with smiles and hums 😀

The Right Pink

The rose apple is pink enough to be harvested. It’s the right time.

waiting for the flight home, once again looked at the pink Lucy and once again blessed this key ring “will definitely be suddenly Lucy Van Pelt to the snobbish and to the arrogant” 😇

About Lucy Van Pelt

They Call It This, I Call It That

Or I call it this, they call it that. It is it. Pronouns that fool around—

Some know, like telling. Some know, don’t tell enjoying the fun of knowing—

Some names are easy. Some are hard. All refer to one uttered many.

Some are fooled with words, some with views, lots with both. Few are clear with both

Which one is called a blessing? Ah…. Choose a door and say your oath.


they call it this, i call it that
they call it red anthurium, i call it anthurium
they call it golden shower orchids, i call it oncidium
they call it layered yellow alamanda, i call it alamanda
they call it fragrant orchids, i call it orchids
they call it patterned pink rose, i call it rose

Super Charged

Super charged young boys can beat super charged old champs just with light laughter.

two boys joined our group to go river-rafting
while the adults were resting after 1-hour rafting before the next 1-hour, these boys were playing
and they played helmets throwing 😂
we asked the boys to stand up…. 💝
only one succeeded 😂 the other fell down on to the boat soft floor of the swift waves in Ayung River 😀


Life pace gets faster,
Food follows the same pattern.
Time and space collide.

My nephews always want fast food. They said it is good and fast. On the contrary I am not a big fan of fast food. So we always go to fast food restaurants first for them to eat then they’ll drive me to local restaurants for mine.

It takes longer time but giving fair treatment to all fellow travelers are the right thing to do.



urap Bali 💝 is more greasy compared to urap Jawa, both are superb!
sate lilit is Balinese special skewer; the stick should be lemongrass
balado terong – not so good in the most recent restaurant but still better than French fries 😄

Old Bone

Old bone works so hard
To chase young heart. Worth doing
For meaningful life—

that’s not alcohol, that’s green melon flavour syrup 😀 my two brothers could get mad at me if I feed them the R-OH substances 😊
they rock! i now be a careful rider 🙃 “where’s your young bone, Mbak?!” 😂